Pam Whyte's Dog Training Consultation Testimonials: are some more testimonials from happy owners - once again, straight from the heart:


"I did exactly what you taught us, and guess what? We now have new dogs!!!!!!!! Amazing, they have chilled out so much, and I am pleased to say, no more ripped up cushions,no more chewed up trees, so I am very pleased with our progress and thanks to you teaching me how to respond to them, life here is now on track.I would never have believed it was possible. Once again, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

“It’s so hassle free – and it makes dogs so enjoyable.”

"Like falling off a log!"

"The light bulbs just went on!"

"The transformation in the dog is incredible!"

"I was very sceptical when my husband called you in. After just three hours I cannot believe how calm and well behaved my Dobermans are!"

"Let me give you a hug because now I can keep my dog!"

"No more dog fights!"

"Thank heavens for Pam. Your way is very thrilling."

"You are teaching me lots of tricks!"

"There is a major, major, major change in my dog!"

"This is going to save me a lot of money!"

"It's like watching a drama unfold."

"Better than a John Wayne movie!" - Boy of 12 with St Bernard.

"I have never seen my dog so calm before."

"Pam, thank you so much for coming here this week, I feel a lot better."

"By now he would be jumping all over the place/chewing the carpet."

"Someone left the gate open and Rambo didn't even run out."

"He hasn't even chased the cat yet."

"You have only been here a few minutes, and I cannot believe the change in Rambo!"

"So we have to be sensitive to their sensititity..." (Russian professor.)

"You are 500% right". (Headmaster.)

"Pam is giving dog owners very good information." (Medical doctor.)

"Pam is providing dog owners with a very valuable service to families." (Professor of Behaviour Therapy.)

"I have what the people think they want. Pam has what they want." (Dog trainer from Europe.)

"Between your book and your help, you have given me the tools I need to know what is going on with my dogs."

"It’s so hassle free – and it makes dogs so enjoyable!”

"My dog was a hooligan, now he walks around with a halo!"

"The transformation in the dog is incredible."

"Garfield comes straight back in now when we call him."

"How can anyone have a Daschund without Pam!"

"After dogs have stopped fighting - "Thank you for taking away my nightmare."

"My dogs look at me like they know you blew their cover. When I hug Honey, my Spaniel, she doesn't growl at me any more!"

"You stopped my 2 male dogs from trying to kill each other 2 years ago - they never had another fight..."

"Thank you for coming and training my dog (an aggressive cross-Doberman) so gently."

"Ongloorbaar!!" ("Unbelievable!!)

"This has been the best afternoon I have had for a long time!"


        Frequent comments:

"It has been such an eye opener!"

"It is so logical"

"It all makes so much sense"

"I have never seen my dog so calm!"

"He hasn't jumped on you once!"

"My dog is listening to me now!"

"He hasn't even pulled once on the lead once!"

"You helped me with my last dog and he was wonderful for the rest of his life "please come and reform our new one for us."

"It was a huge liberation."

"He/she hasn't even tried to run out of the gate!"

"I wish I'd had you with my previous dog."

"I wish I'd had you with my children."

"Does it work with husbands?"


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