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Let's hear what Dog Professionals are saying about Pam... (Original copies are available at Pam's offices for viewing on request.)


"I have what dog owners think they want. Pam Whyte has what they want." Dog Trainer, Israel.

"We need more people like Pam who are not afraid to make public their own honest observations." Professor in Companion Animal Zootechnology and Nutrition.

"My vet asked me if I had a new dog - he said "Behaviour therapy can never give the change in behaviour that I see in your dog!" Breeder U.K.

"Pam Whyte is a pioneer in the field of dog behaviour." Professor of Behaviour Therapy. U.S.A.

I have your book Living with an Alien and am finding it very informative and amusing. I have worked with animals at the RSPCA as an inspector as well as running boarding kennels and breeding and showing dogs.” RSPCA Inspector UK.

"Never mind the Dog Whisperer, Pam Whyte is the real deal – her methods are safe and effective!" Vet USA

" need to know about the very best resource for dog training in the world! Dr. Jean has known trainer Pam Whyte for many years, and has used her sensible, dog-friendly methods with great (and fast!) success on many dogs of her acquaintance". Vet USA

"None of us at our practice have been bitten by a dog since we have been dealing with Pam." Vet RSA

"Pam Whyte is providing a very valuable service to the community." Professor of Animal Behaviour. RSA.

“I have been involved in dog training for the past 20 odd years. I saw your book in the Library in London and was most impressed with it.” Dog Trainer, UK.


“We would like to learn more about how you communicate with dogs. We find your ideas on communicating with “aliens” very refreshing.SPCA.

“A few years ago you wrote some articles in the newspaper which I found extremely helpful. I tried some of your techniques on how to handle dogs and found it worked 100%. As a result of this, I bought your book Living with an Alien, and find it excellent. I can recommend your book to any animal lover and would like to thank you for your help. I trust there will be more books written by you in future.Secretary of the Bull Terrier Club.

"My goodness I never would have thought such a simple thing would make such a difference..and I also would never have thought of doing it... " Dog trainer, Gauteng.

"If you seriously want your dog to stop chewing your furniture - whatever Pam Whyte tells you to do - do it!" Vet. RSA.




Pam Whyte has always instinctively understood the way dogs think and communicate. Even as a child, it was frequently observed that when she was around, dogs were much calmer.

After three years at Witwatersrand University in the 1960's studying psychology and the social sciences, she got married, and had two children and three dogs. Friends were always astonished at her pets’ exemplary behaviour, and as a result, she felt drawn to reveal her secrets. This led to a lifelong passion to learn yet more about dogs, as well as to share her knowledge with other dog owners. Using her proven methods, Pam has emerged into the public spotlight from time to time, earning her a reputation for astonishing results. This has not always endeared her to those who use conventional methods.

But Pam is uncontrite, holding workshops, giving remedial training, talks and lectures, and writing her popular books, and papers for dog owning families and academic institutions. Her work on how dogs naturally communicate is recognised globally.

Through conducting extensive studies of wild dog behaviour in Eastern Africa, Pam is able to teach dog owners their dog’s own inbuilt, natural communication system which gives immediate results. This is because the dogs do not have to learn anything - they understand automatically, without having to spend a whole lot of time and effort, repeating, practising, bribing, spraying, being firm, dominating... The results are not only immediate - but kind and permanent.

Pam now owns her own wild dog. When visiting a rescue centre, Josephine - an Australian wild dog - chose Pam by coming up to her and licking her hand, tossing her head and running to the gate. It was "a given" on both sides. She is now teaching Pam as much as she is teaching her clients' puppies good manners in her Puppy Socializing and Puppy Obedience Training and Dog Whispering Nature's Way sessions. The way the parents do in Nature - by example, not through dominating and bullying. Josephine's sweet temperament is imprinted on her "pupils" naturally.


Through personal visits, books on behaviour, Natural Dog Training Home Kits, educational books and documentaries on dog behaviour, Pam has taught countless families around the world the powerful, yet gentle techniques which change disobedient and unruly dogs of all breeds, ages and problems into well mannered, easily controlled pets that are beyond obedient - because they no longer need to be ordered around. No dog is too old or too young to be understood. And of course, to understand. Her success has also prompted her to write books, make home movies, and develop a range of dog leads which enable all members of the family to bring their dogs under willing control. Naturally.

There is therefore no need for practicing, trying to get rid of your dog's energy, bribing your dog with treats, being firm (i.e. losing your temper), dominating (i.e. trying to make your dog turn cowardly through being abusive), resorting to gimmicks like crates, spray bottles, electric collars, muzzles, Halti's, rolled up newspapers, clickers, bribing... because once your dog understands you, owning a well mannered dog simply fits into your life style, freeing up time you would otherwise be spending practicing, getting rid of your dog's energy, (well, trying to - and making him still filler in the process...), buying new plants, trying to "show your dog what he's done" (as if he didn't know), trying to catch him to put his lead on, fetching him from down the road... watching him o see what he is going to do so that you can tell him not to.... is now all yours.  

Pam holds workshops, gives remedial training at dog training schools, gives talks and lectures, and writes her popular books, and papers for pet owners, and academic institutions. She has a very loyal following of dog owners whom she has assisted with their pets both locally and overseas. Her clients include, among others, vets, behaviour therapisits, dog trainers, movie stars, actors, politicians, a couple of Miss S.A.'s.... Oh yes, and plebians like you and me.

Her work on Pack Communication is recognised by such institutions as The Plastic Surgeon's Association, RSA; Child Accident Prevention Society, UK; RSPCA, SPCA, Animal Protection Institute, USA; Veterinary Universities, Anglia Survival, UK; Conservationists in East Africa; University de Nancy, France; holistic vets, USA; Guide Dogs Ass. France; Paneikon, Italy; Wild dog Productions, and Medical Research scientists in New Zealand. She also helped after the war in Bosnia by replacing positive and negative reinforcement with correct communication when training dogs to detect land mines and was invited to present a paper on her research at the Paris International Conference on Education and Economy.


As civilized dog owners, we need to realise just how intelligent, intuitive and highly complex our domestic dogs are. We need to understand their mental processes, how their minds work, how complex their emotions and their instincts are, how they are genetically equipped to communicate... and drop the academic theories that dogs see in black and white, are non sentient and "have memories that last 2 seconds". "I can prove it!! I read it in an academic text book - so it must be true!" Right? I don't think so. So what then are the implications of these wide spread theories that are taught to professionals as fact? That is at the core of where Pam's work and the artificial systems diverge.

The fact is, dogs are designed to live within families, who live within a loyal and mutually supportive social system - a pack, or communal system - of dogs. They therefore have their own instinctive "language", which they bring with them into our homes bag and baggage. Living in families where there is love, loyalty, compassion, jealousy, rivaly,  politics... we identify with their emotions and social structure - and they identify with ours. (Who doesn't want to be "top dog"? Or know someone -  2 or 4 legged - who always wants to be King of the Castle...?)

Even better - a pack, or a team - of dogs have a highly developed sense of right and wrong, which creates cohesion in a communcal system that is built for living within a kill or be killed environment.  Yes, little Poochie Woochie (bless his cotton socks) is even smarter than you, me or the most complex computer that just came onto the market yesterday. We call this awesome capacity for strategy, networking with each other, for cooperative synergy and for survival - which we have not bothered to make the effort to understand, but only to (try and) project our own human reasoning onto them... "disobedience" - because we don't understand them.

Yet it is their very instinctual moral code - i.e. sense of right and wrong - that enables them to adopt our "ground rules", (be well behaved) without us having to keep disciplining, commanding and repeating the comands... But they are not able to adopt our moral code - i.e. ground rules - unless we know how to communicate it to them. (Which, when they can't, humans call "no ears" and "stubborn".) If showing a dog what he has done (like they don't know who did it), barking orders, bribing.... worked - there would be as much need for obedience training and behaviour therapy for our dogs as there is for rabbits. None.

All that dog owners need to do is develop their dogs' sinbuilt, instinctual desire to please their leader through communicating correctly in a way that their dog can understand. Not to bliksem them into submission, spray them or "lose it" simply because they have no idea what we are on about. Nature knows best.

All this means that our dogs are actually "pre-packaged" to move into our homes already equipped with the potential to learn the difference between what is acceptable behaviour, and what is not acceptable behaviour - provided we know how to set these parameters and "behavioural fences" in a way that their instincts can relate to.

This is not achieved through hostile army-style one way communication or by trying to manipulate our dogs with tricks 'n treats - because that is not the way dogs are "hard-wired" to communicate. (Not even humans are.) Which explains why there are so many different "flavours of the month" (artificial) dog training methods and hot off the press gimmicks that keep appearing on the dog behaviour scene... all presumning that dogs reason like we do. Which they don't, so on to the next one....

Every single dog owner who seeks help with their dog's behaviour from Pam has already tried commanding their dogs, then moved onto the next "flavour of the month" gimmick - many have taken their dog to training and/or behaviour therapy, some for months and even years, frequently stating in desperation "We have tried everything" - yet their dogs are still "naughty", "disobedient", hyperactive, pull on their lead, are destructive, jump on them and visitors... Countless much-loved dogs then end up at rescue shelters, because these artificial behaviour systems compound - not cure - behaviour problems.

Then caring and committed families adopt these confused dogs, unkown to them, together with their baggage of "behavioural disorders" - which soon surface in their new homes. And are then "taken to training"....

But some dogs are lucky enough to be able to keep their loving homes because they and their families had the opportunity to learn to communicate properly with one another, through their families learning the intelligent alternative. Which is the secret to Dog Training Nature's Way's phenomenal success.

Doesn't that sound exciting? Or does it sound complicated? (Or impossible!) It's nowhere near as complicated (or impossible...) as taking a dog to dog training where he is going to pick up more bad habits from other naughty dogs (good dogs don't go to training) every weekend for weeks on end, practicing the training at home every day, trying to exhaust their dog so that they can live with him (which is ironical, because now they are making him fitter... and fitter....) and still living with a destructive, hyperactive, "disobedient" dog who now wants to do his aerobics through the flower bed as well as dig it up...

Pam teaches dog owners the signals that their dog expects, and the cues to avoid, in order to gain the control they are looking for, and establish the behaviour patterns they want in their dog. Because Dog Language is so simple and works so quickly, having a well mannered dog just fits into their lifestyle. She points out that because artificial methods actually confuse dogs, people think that it takes so long to train a dog. But how long does it take a person who speaks a different language to understand you once you have learnt their language....

Pam Whyte's unique and empowering philosophy inspires academic institutions and animal welfare organisations internationally:


"I could hardly believe it when I visited your site, because I have been looking for Pam Whyte for years! We talked when I was at the Animal Protection Institute way back around 2001; but lost touch when I left there. I’ve never forgotten her amazing videos and book, because her methods are by far the best I’ve ever seen. In fact, was just thinking about Pam the other day as I was walking a friend’s dog! So I am thrilled to see your website at If there’s anything else I can do to help promote your wonderful program, just ask! Cheers, Dr. Jean. (Vet, USA) (Email to Pam Whyte.)


"I like the individuality of your thoughts and I am of the opinion that you are a good observer and interpreter of the contact between man and dog. You are more than capable of thinking for yourself and I see this as a valuable contribution in this [animal behaviour] study. Professor J.S.J. Odendaal. Professor of Companionan Animal Zootechnology and Nutrition, University of Pretoria, Faculty of Veterinary Science. (Letter to Pam Whyte.)

"We need more people like you who are not afraid to make public their own honest observations. In conclusion, I would like to congratulate you on an original piece of work." Professor J.S.J. Odendaal. Professor of Companionan Animal Zootechnology and Nutrition, University of Pretoria, Faculty of Veterinary Science. (Letter to Pam Whyte.)


"II Laboratoire de Psychologie Genetique Compariee Albert ler France modifier le Comoportement du Chien de Compagnie, Principalement Par le Toucher et le langage corporel and other papers on the same subject." B. Schneider University de Nancy France. (Letter to Pam Whyte)


"Please will you send us a copy of your video on Dog Language?" Guide Dogs, France. (Letter to Pam Whyte.)

"You saved my life by telling me what to do when I Rottweiller I was house sitting attacked me! Thank you. I am so grateful that I did a Dog Training Nature's Way course with you!" Behavioral Consultant and Pe Therapeutict Masseur U.S.A.


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