Common Dog Problems that Natural Dog Training has all the answers to:

1. House Training - urinating and messing indoors (puppies & adult Dogs)

2. Barking for (seemingly) no reason

3. Jumping on people

4. Digging and chewing

5. Not listening

6. Failing at dog school

7. Biting

8. Chasing cats

9. Fighting other dogs

10. Pulling on the lead

11. Running off with things

12. Escaping out of the gate

13. Stealing food

14. Hyperactiveness


Brain power - not brawn power - the            intelligent alternative.



And here are some comments that dog owners have made about their pets, their vets and their therapist...




- about their pets:


“I have a Doberman - he's a bitch!”

 “My dog is so badly behaved, I tell him “You're not a dog ... you're an animal!”

"My bitch is so ugly that when she's in season the male dogs all run away from her."

"My dog rules the rooster."

"I want my dog to obey my comandments."

"My dog doesn't bite people -

only children between the age of 1    and 8."

"My dog won't let anyone touch his bedding, and he doesn't even sleep on it!"

"Jeanne says her dogs are knew people!"

"I took my Yorkie to the vet because she had a red mark on her stomach. The vet told me it was lipstick..."

- about their vets:

“My dog was ill, so I took him to the vegetarian.”

“My vet put a thermostat up my dog's bum.”

“My vet told me that my dog had arithmatics.”

“My dog was aggressive, so the vet took out his tenticles.”

- and about their pet's therapist:

"Pam must be very dedicated to her work because she doesn't charge for her second coming."




























Living With An Alien - Readers Thanks


Pam's readers are just as thrilled with this shift in perspective as the media are! Here are some extracts from some of the numerous letters and emails that arrive on Pam's desk from her readers, with spelling and punctuation unaltered.

(Original copies are available for viewing from the offices of Natural Dog Training on request.)


"I'm busy reading your book and all of a sudden, you understand why your dog behaves in the way he does." RSA

“I received my book and have been staying up until 2 in the morning reading..what wonderful helpful information..I haven't got to the part I need yet..but I'm sure it will be soon...just wanted you to know how thrilled I am with your work.” RSA.S.A.

"I'm reading your book - and I'm having a ball!" RSA

" Please let Pam Know tht even with a little glimpse at her books so far, we are gaining great grounds!" Australia.

"My teenager never reads - but he can't put your book down!" Mother of Teenager

"I have never seen my mother read so much!" Teenager.

“Living with an Alien” is a LIFESAVER. I really cannot express myself strongly enough as to how important it is for dog owners to read this book.” RSA.

"The dogs and cats have met and are settling well. We just did what your book says!"AAustraliaustralia

"He could so easily have turned out an impossible dog to live with. Thank goodness that I can communicate with him in his mother tongue. Thank you for all the good work keeping dogs out of trouble." RSA

"You are seriously good value - I love your book and I  believee you know what you know!" Australia

“Thank you for a delightful, entertaining and educational book – a pity it's not compulsory reading in schools for prospective dog owners!” UK

"I am buried in your fascinating book... It is such a revelation!" RSA

“We lent your book to friends whose dog was completely unmanageable and within days they found a remarkable transformation in their dog's behaviour.” France.

"Thanks for the book, it definately made a lot of sense.  My daschund and staffie puppies haven't fought since i have been applying the principles taught." RSA

"Your book is hilarious as well as very informative." Pinetown

"A few years ago you wrote some articles in the newspaper which I found extremely helpful. I tried some of your techniques on how to handle dogs and found it worked 100%. As a result of this, I bought your book Living with an Alien, and find it excellent. I can recommend your book to any animal lover and ould like to thank you for your help. I trust there will be more books written by you in future." Secretary of the bull Terrier Club, RSA.

"all other training books would say shout at them or throw tin cans or shoot them with water. basically natural dog training treats the causes and not the symptoms, i am very impressed." U.S.A.

"I picked up the book and the video, and I had the most wonderful time reading your book!" RSA

“I have just read your book “Living with an Alien”. What a book!! Thankyou for giving us a book like that. Now maybe we will understand our dogs better.” Nelspruit.

“In our household the golden rule is “Pam says…” – and it works like a bomb! I am happy to say that friends who borrowed the book are also implementing your techniques and they have been very successful. Thankyou so much, it means a lot to us dog lovers.UK.


"my goodness I never would have thought such a simple thing would make such a difference..and I also would never have thought of doing it... " Jaden (dog trainer, Gauteng)

"Have just finished reading your book, Living with an Alien and Shai-ming has been shown gently where he will be most comfortable in his world..." RSA

"I have been told that your book is the best there is out there." USA

"Thank you very much for your book! you've done a wonderfull work, you've studied the predatory side thoroughly, that's amazing! i must re-read it, i am thinking about your approch, it is very convincing and complete. it explains the way dog behaves very very very good!" France

“I got your book from my granddaughter for my birthday. I have enjoyed it very much. Thankyou for writing such an essential book.” Australia

"Thanks for the book, it definately made a lot of sense. My daschund and staffie puppies haven't fought since i have been applying the principles taught." Bloemfontein

"It is a new slant on how dog brains work, and I have not met it in any of the UK books." UK

"Thankyou for your book with it's excellent advice. There are many of us out there who appreciate you and your workable methods.” Wales

“Accept my compliments and thanks, and my admiration for your splendid book.” (Dog Trainer, RSA)

"I picked up your book from the post office and had the most wonderful time reading it! Your book is an absolute delight!" New Zealand

“I lent my book to a friend, and when she returned it, she said: “I always enjoyed my dog – now I enjoy him even more! And my dog enjoys me even more!” RSA

“Having done 6 months training with my female German Shepherd, we were both bored and I think I was more obedient than she was. We are now trying your suggestions and feel that we have already made progress.” Thankyou very much. RSA

“In our household the golden rule is “Pam says…” – and it works like a bomb! I am happy to say that friends who borrowed the book are also implementing your techniques and they have been very successful. Thankyou so much, it means a lot to us dog lovers.” UK.

“I have personally had success with applying your methods for my Beagles – particularly the feeding aspect.” Botswana .

“After only a weekend of applying a few of your rules, there is a definite improvement in Mish and Stevka (and me). They are long haired Weimaraners. Only now do I realise how they dominate me! And I also understand now why they have so much respect and love for my mother who is 90!” Bloemfontein.

“Your book has given me much needed information on how to make Bozo a more enjoyable pet, and myself a more understanding owner.” New Zealand.

“We have followed your advice with our four-legged demolition squad and changed our way of handling her. She is a different dog. She is still full of life and fun, but she has settled in beautifully.” All at Wellwood.

“A very comprehensive book.” J Fisher.

“Thank you so much for bringing around a copy of your book. I thought that my dogs had to be put to sleep – now I see that it is I who has to be put to sleep. I no longer go around kicking cupboards and slamming doors, my dogs have stopped fighting and my ex-wife is moving back. RSA

"Thank you for the change your book has brought in my life.” Manfred.

“It is wonderful to see Bella's personality for the first time!” Hein.

“Once again, congratulations on a brilliantly written book with lots of very entertaining reading! I'm sure it is going to alter lots of people's set ideas.” UK

“I now have a “well-adjusted” doggie. I have NO problem with him whatsoever – and I have only YOU to thank for it." USA.

“I really enjoyed your book and the cartoons are a delight.” ‘Ives'.

“Yes, I had a “problem” and – quite by chance I bought your book “Living with an Alien” – last week – just as my problem was getting out of hand. What good sense it made. So now I am following your rehabilitation programme, and being a better owner.” Wales

“I have your book Living with an Alien and am finding it very informative and amusing. I have worked with animals at the SPCA as an inspector as well as running boarding kennels and breeding and showing dogs.” UK

“Many thanks for your book and tape. They make things much clearer and enable everyone in the family to understand and behave in a consistent manner.” RSA

“I have been involved in dog training for the past 20 odd years. I saw your book in the Library in London and was most impressed with it.” UK.

“I have had the great good fortune to come across your book. It is beautifully presented, so informative and truly delightfully illustrated.” Signature not clear.

“Thankyou so much – your book helped save a distressing situation – it is because of people like you who dedicate their lives to these “special beings” – animals that make the world so special.” Olga. EU

“I have enjoyed your book very much and I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on the quality thereof!” Talken.

“Thankyou very much indeed for such informative and interesting reading. I really have learnt a lot.” Bloemfontein

“Living with an Alien saved the lives of 2 children on Sunday. They came into my yard to fetch their ball. My large male dogs had been going to dog training, and were getting more and more vicious. They did not tolerate children. They were also very aggressive toward anyone who came into their yard. The programme I learnt from your book was starting to work, and I was starting to get a measure of control over my dogs. Then I happened to see the children jump off the wall, and after reading your book, told them to stand quietly with their hands over their faces. The dogs left them immediately!" RSA

“Living with an Alien” is a LIFESAVER. I really cannot express myself strongly enough as to how important it is for dog owners to read this book.” RSA.

"The dogs and cats have met and are settling well. We just did what your book says! Australia

"If anyone is interested there is a very good book by Pam Whyte called "Living with an Alien" I am reading this at the moment and recommend that anyone with a dog should buy it! I have two Boerboels who have not been entirely innocent in their response to strange children (Mainly because of noise and Boistrous behaviour) However, I trust both of them implicitly with my children as I have educated the kids on how to behaviour around them.(with a little help from Pam!) Yahoo forum

"Thanking you kindly for a wonderful book." Miss Lala. France.


You must be thinking... "Wow! This is great!!"  And you're perfectly correct! An understood dog is a happy dog! And an understood owner is a happy owner...


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