And here are some more delighted readers (with delighted dogs)...


"Wow - I didn't know my dog was so clever!! It's incredible what I can get him to do now." Norway.


“I am up to Chapter 6 in your book. It's riveting! I am really starting to get the idea, especially about body language." USA

"We would like to learn more about how you communicate with dogs. We find your ideas on communicating with “aliens” very refreshing.” SPCA

“Having recently bought your book and eagerly reading it and putting into practice your invaluable advice, what a revelation!” UK

“You and the people that work with you are a real gift from God! My ideas of pets were all twisted by all the experts, but you have rescued my family (all four of us) from a very sad ending. I am strong and focussed on following the complete programme and I will not let my guard down.” USA

“I have a 16 week old kelpie cross puppy – I live on a farm in the Outback - and purchased your book Living with an Alien. The book was a real revelation. It has been most helpful! THANK YOU!! Will you be doing a lecture tour of Australia ?” Anne.

“Your book is an absolute delight!” Nelspruit.

“I received the book today. I have already started reading and following your sugesstions I have an 18 month old Staffie who wants to be a good boy but is "too exuberant". I am please to see advise on how not to let him get too excited.” Thanks so much. Patience, California

“I have noticed some changes in the puppies' attitude - not jumping up on me with as much energy as before when I get home from work. They are really enjoying their evening sniffles and have started to leave messages of their own for the neighbouring dogs. Definitely getting calmer and "nicer". No accidents during dinner last night.” Jessica, Johannesbug.

“I admire your work and I am so glad there are people like you to help the animals. I have always wanted to do something similar and maybe with all the knowledge I get from this I can help friends and family with keeping their pets happy.” Namibia

“I would love to discuss the idea of you 'training' us to 'speak dog'... Anastasia (my wife) and I are so impressed with what we have read so far, and what we have been able to see in action with our own puppy, that we could not possibly subject our gorgeous puppy to the conventional dog system... “ USA

“I have just borrowed your book “Living with an Alien” from my local library. After laughing myself silly reading Jake Russell's contribution (and also recognizing all the things he said) and enjoying the cartoons – excellent – I got down to the serious business – learning from your experience.” Scotland.

“If I could get across to dog owners in the same way as your book came across to me, I should have some success.” (Dog trainer, Canada.)

“I am in the process of reading your excellent book on Aliens, and would very much like to have the video that goes with it.” RSA.

“This is the best dog book I ever came across.” RSA.


"Good reading and a refreshing change from the normal literature!!!" UK

"Your writing is an eye opener - and the best advice I ever got regarding pets." Wales

"I cannot believe the change in my dog." RSA

"I decided to go this route because I don't believe in the army style of commanding dogs - I can see in their eyes that that manner> of training is not the way to go." UK   


"All dog fights have stopped!" RSA


“Your book is one of the best books regarding dogs I have read. A book I will recommend.” Mr. Steinhaus.

“The book is very interesting and things are improving, in fact he is becoming very obedient.” (No name.)

“We thoroughly enjoyed reading your book and have found it very valuable.” Eric.

“I really enjoyed your book very much as it is excellent.” RSA.

“The book is fantastic – I am really enjoying studying it.” Sally

“I find your book both instructive and amusing. P.S. How can I teach my dogs to read?” Mr. Downs.


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