Dog Training  Nature's Way has proven solutions that are kind and easy to all the following behavior problems:


1. House Training - urinating and messing indoors (puppies & adult Dogs)

2. Barking for no reason

3. Jumping on people

4. Digging, destructiveness and chewing things

5. Disobedience & not listening

6. Failing at dog school

7. Aggression and biting

8. Chasing cats

9. Fighting other dogs

10. Pulling on the lead

11. Running off with things

12. Escaping and running out of the gate

13. Stealing food and possessions

14. Hyperactiveness - jumping on people and furniture, excitableness, playing too roughly, knocking people over, etc.


In order to bring our dogs to where we are - we have to fetch them from where they are.

They don't know what we know about the big wide world!

So we cannot just merely presume that they sees things the way we do, and that they just automatically understand us! They don't. They can't. their instincts aren't " wired up" to see life from a human perspective.

So those who think their dogs just automatically understand them, believe that their dogs are stubborn, disobedient, or stupid. But it is the owners who are... well, shall we say - misinformed and therefore, misunderstood. And therefore "disobeyed".


The only book in the world on     The Language of the Pack -

Living with an Alien by Pam

Whyte corrects all these

misperceptions and misunder-

standings, by crossing the communication crevasse between cano-sapiens, and

homo-not-so-sapiens by bringing peace and harmony between them. Easily and quickly and kindly.

    It'is not magic - it's logic!




Dog Training Nature's Way - The        Intelligent Alternative.  







       Correct communication -

          the Golden Key to your

                 Dog's Mind.





Dog Training Nature's Way. (It makes sense to use the original instruction manual... For the purpose of survivial unity is strength. Dogs are therefore born good. Let's keep them that way... they only need to be understood. (Dogs don't command each other because they can't speak. But they communicate.....)





          Dog Language -

      Older than History,

  yet Newer than Tomorrow...
















































Dog Training, Dog Behaviour and Dog Whispering Book.


Living with an Alien by Pam Whyte.

Let's first see what the media has to say about Pam's book on Dog Language, Living with an Alien:

"In this fascinating, humorous and beneficial book on dogs, Pam Whyte lets us into the psyche of the dog and teaches us how to live successfully and happily with our canine companions. The author has been doing animal behaviour therapy in Johannesburg for decades and has a good reputation. This book illustrates her thesis on why dogs go wrong and how to put them back on track. A must for every dog owner." The Star.

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About Pam Whyte's book - Living with an Alien:

Just because dogs can't speak - it doesn't mean they can't talk.

  Pam has studied the totally fasinating communication that takes place between wild dogs in Eastern Africa, and followed it through with studies on communication between domestic dogs, and between dogs and their owners within many thousands of homes in many countries.

Her highly successful and extremely popular book on The Language of the Pack (i.e. Nature's Formula for Obedeince) - Living with an Alien, teaches dog owners how to co-exist peaceably with their dogs by looking at the world through their eyes - rather than by trying to impose human logic onto them. This simple, non-gimmicky, down-to-earth shift in perspective makes dog owing easy, and even more enjoyable!

Dogs are designed to live within a social system that is very similar to that of a human society. A pack of dogs is a team, and within this social community there are families where there is love, loyalty, compassion, trust and respect, jealousy, rivalry, feelings and emotions that are identical to ours, and express intense loyalty to one another...... They have brilliant minds that strategise and network with each other (which is how they "pack" with one another), have memories virtually as long as their lives, and even have a sense of humour. They rear and teach life skills to children, and when they go hunting, the pups are left with baby sitters - usually the "teenagers" from a previous litter.

Wild dogs all possess a conscience, with a strong sense of right and wrong (or we could not live with them) coexisting under a strictly imposed moral code and hierarchical order, where there is a trusted leader that makes all the decisions regarding survival and hunting. This gives the team (which is what a pack of dogs is, with their leader the Captain) cohesion, which is vital within a community that lives under constant "kill or be killed" conditions. And which leads conservationists to state that a pack of dogs is a cameo of a perfect society.

And our dogs still retain these original Stone Age instincts, which ican clearly be observed in domestic  dogs that have gone feral and formed packs - and is how dogs came to be called "Man's best friend". They have the capacity to protect, and even lay down their lives for their families.... and so much more. Which all explains why we and they are so drawn to one another - because we can identify with, and relate to one another's emotions, social instincts, politics, and need for companionship.

Which is why we find a connection with dogs that we do not find with other animals that live in less complex social systems, such as rabbits and pigs and zebra. Sure, they may make very nice pets - but they do not identify with us to the same degree as dogs do, so we are unable to establish the same degree of rapport with them that we do with dogs.

But cano-sapiens and homo-not-so-sapiens speak a different language. All these similarities draw us together - but we do not understand everything (most of) what we are saying to each other. E.g. "Don't you dare!" in human lingo means in "I dare you!" in Dogspeak - just for starters.

Which explains why so many people are experiencing disobedience, destructivenss, hyperactivity, braking problems.... with their dogs. Simply becasuse the artificial dog behaviour systems go to the army and to the laboratory to learn how to communiate with dogs instead of tapping into and developing their awesome potential to please, cooperate with, protect, and live by our groudrules - without being told. In human language, that is.

When we take an honest and objective look at our dogs, and relate to who they really are: i.e. highly intelligent, complex, sensitive and exciting pack (i.e. social) animals that are designed for living within the parameters of a mutually supportive community, with all it's caring, loyalty, love, affection, power play, politics, as well as for hunting their prey and keeping their enemies away -- then the control that we are able to have over them and therefore the the pleasure that they give us will be vastly increased. This means that problems, like exessive barking, jumping on visitors, chewing our things, fighting, pulling on their lead, chasing cats, disobedience... can all be a thing of the past, as our dogs start coperating with us willingly - out of choice, and not through fear of punishment. (Or to set us up to bribe them.)

Even very "disobedient"dogs, are simply dogs that would dearly love to please their owners - if only they could understand what they're saying! Dogs are not disobedient! They're not stupid! Or stubborn... They just speak an alien language - not English - Doglish. Ever tried saying something to a person who doesn't speak your language, then tried saying the same thing to them in their own language? The change in their behaviour is amazing! You can expect the same dramatic change in the behaviour of your dog - once he understands what you're saying to him!

The best part is it is totally non-gimmicky, and non-whacko. It involves nothing more than simply not confusing our dogs by sending them mixed messages - which their natural instincts are not able to decipher, or interpret the way humans do - and therefore the way we expect them to. Obedience therefore depends more on fear of punishment than winning the cooperation of our dog. (Or on bribery, which  won't work if you don't happen to have a bag or a pocket full of treats with you or if your dog is too excited or distracted.)

There is far more to a dog than ordering him around, and looking for his on and off switch. So much more. Our Western society relates to dogs far too superficially, and this seriously detracts from our enjoyment of them - and their enjoyment of us. As well as from the degree of control that we are able to have over our dogs. Dog owners are being shortchanged. Living with an Alien corrects this shortfall.

This book on Natural Dog Training is filled with amusing cartoons and rivetting and very enlightening case histories that are not only extremely entertaining - but also highly informative. It is a must for all dog owners who want to live harmoniously with their pet dog; who want to save money, vet bills and petrol bills - and valuable time and energy, by not having to take their dog to obedience training every weekend, practice every day, (try and) get rid of their dog's energy or replace their lawn, sprinkler system, plants, children's toys, pool net, dog....

One of Pam's readers put it this way: "I lent my book to a friend, and when she returned it, the friend said: "I always enjoyed my dog - but now I enjoy him even more! And my dog enjoys me even more!"


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           Dog Language - Older than History - Newer than Tomorrow...

         ALL Dogs Want to be Good - They Only Need to be Understood!



Pam wrote her first informative and humorous book on dog behavior, Who Wants a Dog! in 1975. In 1978 it was published in the UK, where the London Times said: "This book provides a much needed new approach to dog owning." It was translated into Braille, Afrikaans and Japanese. It is now updated as Living with an Alien, to meet today's more sophisticated market - and more sophisticated dogs.


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