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Choosing, Rearing,
Housetraining and Socialising your new Puppy


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Choosing, Rearing,
Housetraining and Socialising your new Puppy

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Dogs and Children. Dog Training for Children.


Does Your Dog Obey Your Child?

Pam Whyte’s Child’s Play Dog Training teaches children techniques that give them control over the dog! Because the methods that Pam teaches are so natural, it requires no force - just correct communication. Any child can say to a dog in dog language - "Please don't jump on me." It is as simple as that! When you know how.

Pam's revolutionary pro-family work with dogs is a much needed contribution to both enhancing the dog owning experience and improving the quality of living of the domestic dog - by showing families how to teach their dogs to fit in with them and their life-style.

Pam's work is endorsed by the Child Accident Prevention Trust (SA and UK ), the Animal Protection Society, ( USA ) and the Plastic Surgeon's Association in South Africa . It is the only holistic professional approach to dogs that includes the entire family. In fact, it is the only approach to dogs that includes the children, the visitors, the dog's feelings, the dog's mind, the domestic staff, the cat...

The very much needed angle of Pam's unique approach  goes further than making the dog fit in with the family - she makes the dog fit in with the youngest member of the family. Every other approach to dog owning gives families a pet that is so fit, powerful and agile that they frequently run small children over when running accross the lawn or down the passage, or bump into them, jump on them, take their balls when they want to play, run off with babies dummies... in fact the dog is so fit that the whole family has to go to the gym to keep up with the dog - then they all have to go to a farm - when they might just as well have owned a user-friendly dog!

Another of the secrets of Pam's success is that she points out that our dogs are there for us. Our pets are there to enhance our lives, to enjoy, to be able to control easily and to be proud of - not for us to wrap our lives around. They are there to protect us and to be our friends - even to be our children. Not to be Olympic champions, trophies, victimes that must submit to us or specimens that must be a predetermined shape - (or else!)

Pam Whyte is also unique in that she is in touch with the needs and the life-style of the modern family, and has developed up to date dog training techniques that work right away and don't take hours of practice every day. Moms and Dads simply don't have the time to cart themselves and their dogs off to dog training every weekend, set aside an hour a day to drill their dog some more, and to lay on 24 hours a day entertainment for them. To say nothing of endlessly bribing with treats and clicking gismos while parting with their bucks. And guess what? Pam's way makes dogs much better behaved - within a few days! (And costs nothing to maintain.)

Child's Play Dog Training not only adopts the priorities of the family (people first, dogs second) but also adopts their goals.

The goals of the dog system are - dogs must be agile - making it easy for them to knock children over when they play outside. And, dogs must be slim - making hungry dogs hyperactive around children, often intimidating them, and grabbing food out of their hands. Hunger also makes dogs bark a lot, keeping babies and children awake when they are needing to sleep. The combination of agility and hunger also makes dogs chew childrens toys, chase them when they ride their bikes, run or roller blade, run off with their possessions, and embarrass them by jumping on their friends.

None of this need be!

In Child's Play Dog Training, children are not only included, but given priority.

This is because:

  1. Children are more important than dogs. That may sound like stating the obvious, but as you have just seen, parents are not aware that conventional dog professionals are not of this opinion, so what they teach causes so much avoidable stress and even trauma to children.
  2. If the child can handle the dog . so can Dad! But NOT vice versa - which is all that conventional obedience training can achieve - because they work on submission and obedience through fear of punishment.

So Dad had better not go to work then, had he? He may be needed at home to command the dog!

Teaching techniques that give immediate results, that even a child can master is obviously the practial solution. And it is obviously not through force, because a child is simply not strong enough to intimidate a large dog (i.e. make them submit). But can a strong, boisterous, dominating dog really be handled by a child? Yes - when you follow Nature's pattern.

To put it simply, because dogs learn by example - when the dog handler is aggressive (which includes being firm, dominating, making dogs submit, showing "who is boss"..) dogs do to the next one down what has been done to them. It is a universal principle called "the bully cycle" or "abuse cycle". Or the "chain of command". However, where a leader is peaceful - because he is leading by example, and not through force, and therefore has his pack's willing cooperation - the pack is peaceful. This can be seen very clearly in the Natural Dog Training Home Movie - Before and After Learning Dog Language, where a 6 year old child can be seen handling two very losrge, boistrous dogs entirely on her own. All children should learn these principles just as they learn their alphabet, because large dogs are a reality in our society.

So when families learn these simple, natural leadership and communiation principles - as opposed to bullying dogs into submission - not only can the child apply these principles, but the dog can be totally trusted with all children because he is not learning what is in reality, aggressive behaviour, through example. Dogs only submit because they have been turned cowardly, and as we all know (and so does Hollywood) - cowards cannot be trusted.

In the wild, the leader is not a leader because he wins dogfights. He is not a gangster or a tyrant. The myth that dogs lead through domination is a myth (which comes from army-based dog training) because in the wild unity is strength. And domination and submission are division. And dogs could not have survived all these eons in the jungle without unity, loyalty and trust.

A leader is a leader because he has the strength of character to make the decisions that keep the pack fed and safe. This creates a win-win situation. When he is safe, the pack is safe. When he has enough food - so does the pack. He is their captain, not a dictator. So when this non-military approach is applied, it brings dogs into total harmony with their families. And it is so easy that it is simply - child's play!

Child's Play Dog Training also gives you a dog that knows the difference between burglars and visitors and knows the difference between right and wrong - without being told. At the same time, freeing up so much of your precious time.

Pam also works with children who are afraid of dogs, giving them confidence with these simple and powerful techniques around dogs that appear threatening to them by placing them in the power-seat by empowering them not to be victims any longer.

She also works with children that tease dogs. Her research has found a link between ADHD children, and children who have been bitten by dogs. Medical research that has been conducted by pediatricians in New Zealand has come up with the same findings. And what is so exciting about Pam's work in this area, is that when the children are cured of teasing dogs, their ADHD symptoms have also disappeared, and the parents and doctors have been able to take the children off their potentially dangerous mind altering prescription drugs, connecting the children's minds with reality once again. But this time, enabling the child to make his or her correct choices, instead of exhibiting uninhibited knee-jerk reactions to indiscriminate external stimuli. (Which defines the ADHD condition.)

Pam Whyte gives talks at schools free of charge where she shows her "Child's Play Dog Training" home movie, so that children can have the opportunity to learn these essential life-skills.

Click here to contact Pam - Phone Pam: 083-485-5369.

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And something extra for you...



          Dogs are only human!

By Pam Whyte.

If they were not so human, we would not be able to enjoy such deep and meaningful relationships with them. Because that is what dog owning is – another relationship.  And because dogs are so human, we can learn so much from the Laws of the Jungle that govern social behavior within a pack of dogs. And these Jungle Laws - which bring peace and harmony into homes - are not for sale in the mainstream market place.  

Healthy relationships in a social community such as humans, wolves, dogs, are built on mutual respect, mutual trust, communication, loyalty, love, empathy, self discipline, etc. Without each of these, a relationship is not healthy.

Nature’s Formula for a mutually rewarding relationship requires us to consider the needs and feelings of another, tact and sensitivity the ability t o see the viewpoint of another, to meet one another half way and to put up healthy personal boundaries that send messages of self respect. Dog owners report back to me over and over, one after another, that they have applied these interpersonal skills in their families, in their work place and in all their relationships – with awesome and empowering results.

When these Jungle Laws (as opposed to artificial ego- and profit-driven man-made rules) are adhered to, the attitude of the dog is changed -and change in behavior therefore automatically follows - which brings dogs (and therefore children) under willing control. Yes – it makes them actually not want to be naughty!! (Bliss! And obtaining a dog’s eye view is very easy to learn and to apply.  In fact, it’s child’s play. Whereas trying to teach dogs human logic takes ages, frustration, lack of trust, frayed tempers, more and more gimmicks to appear on the market, misery and dogs to lose their homes – for no other reason than that they are confused!)

Through learning about the natural laws that govern dog behavior, we are able to learn how to get into mutually enriching, non abusive relationships with one another - because all communities are designed to live according to the same basic principles that govern leadership and harmonious social interaction. But the secret is – not to study dysfunctional packs of wolves and wild dogs where there is shortage of food, and human interference. Leadership is not about who wins a dog fight – it is about trust, win/win situations, and leading by example. Dominating and submitting occur in abusive- not in healthy relationships.

Submitting and obedience are quick fixes, leading to conflict, frustration and lack of trust, it is seldom a choice. If it worked, there would not be new variations on the theme, and new opinions and gimmicks appearing on the market. (Even resorting to bribery… but then who do we place in the power seat when we wait on His or Her Majesty, paw and foot??)

The Laws of the Jungle where famine does not exists (why copy famine conditions??) go beyond obedience - into cooperation. And beyond happiness - into contentment. Where there is cooperation and contentment – there is harmonious coexistence and mutual trust. The community is governed by a well established and respected moral code – not through dog fights. 

Applying these principles not only give immediate results, but also long term solutions. They are older than history - yet as up to date as tomorrow.

So – according to the Laws of Nature, you cannot go wrong if you treat your dog like a child! It is never right to dominate and verbally abuse children, give them commands, lock them up, keep them hungry, feed them only processed take aways and food they do not like, and pick up their food while they are still eating….

When dog owners are taught how healthy interpersonal skills and correct communication and leadership (not dictatorship) techniques – everything else falls into place. Cooperation becomes a choice - it is beyond obedient. Contentment is made possible – it is beyond happiness. Children benefit so enormously from the life skills that they learn from the Natural Principles that govern harmonious existence in the Jungle (both green and concrete) - skills that show them there is no need to be either a victim or a bully in any relationship, and they then take these skills into their future relationships in their adulthood with them.

I know, because I get their cards, letters, phone calls and emails!




Pam Whyte - Since 1967

Natural Dog Trainer, Pet Consultant, Ethologist, Social Sciences, Author, Producer of Home Training movies. Endorsed by the Plastic Surgeons Association, the Child Accident Prevention Trust, and used by Denel Land Mine Dog Sniffers. Consulted by leading international dog trainers, behaviour therapists and medical research scientists.





There are two ways of approaching dog owning:


One is from our perspective, and the other is from the dog’s perspective.

One is to impose human logic onto our dogs, and the other is to learn how a dog’s instincts and communication system work.

One is to adjust to them, and the other is to get them to adjust to and fit in with us.

One is to give them everything they want, -  so that they become increasingly demanding. And the other is to give them everything they need, so that are calm and obedient through having peace of mind, and the security of being understood. This makes them much better watch dogs, now able to protect their families instinctively.

It is either one or the other. Natural dog training does the latter. The former turns dog owners into well trained consumers, the latter gives families the control over their dogs that they are needing.

If Natural Dog Training is what you are looking for, then let me know, and we can work out a programme for you and your dog. If you are really serious about understanding your dog on a deeper level, you will need to do some UNlearning (the marketing propaganda) before you can RElearn the fascinating and simple Laws of the Jungle which govern a dog’s behaviour .


 Pam Whyte trains dogs in Somerset West, Cape Town, all over South Africa - Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, and in US.A. - America, Australia, U.K. Canada, Europe, Ireland, Wales, Scotland.

She cures: Dogs knocking children over; taking childrens toys; chewing childrens toys; taking childrens balls; biting their roller blades...


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