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Training your Dog Nature's Way with Pam Whyte.

This unique and exciting approach to dog training - which removes the actual root cause of the problem by learning to understand our dogs, rather than to merely treat superficial symptoms combines old fashioned service with up to the minute techniques that keep in touch with the needs of to-days' busy families, enabling dog owners to bring their dogs under control kindly and easily in an astonishingly short time.

It is is not a "cookie-cutter" one-size-fits-all dog training where everyone is told the same thing, and everyone has to march in straight lines, turn their corners sharply and keep their dog on their left hand side - which does nothing for the dog's behaviour at home - except teach them to bolt in front of their owners (and their trainers) at doorways because their head is always just ahead of their handler's knee while being drilled. According to "dog logic" (and that is what counts because we cannot change the instincts that are embadded in ou dogs' genes) - you have made him the leader, because leaders are always ahead of their pack. And a head that is in front is - well, ahead. The only way to be your dog's leader (or, as the the trainers like to say "show your dog that you're the Boss" is to have him walk directly behind you - but then the dog trainers lines would not have the military precision that the dog trainers' courses aim for. (Their agenda is not the agenda of the dog owners, and sometimes they clash.)

On the other hand, Dog Training Nature's Way is tailor-made to suit the needs and circumstances of each individual family, which is what enables it to get exciting and immediate results - together with the fact that the dog is not being distracted by all the other naughty dogs - otherwise they would not be at training. It is only family training for family dogs for families that can give dog owners the the control they are needing over their dogs in every day situations, such as not not coming when called, and generally "having no ears", messing indoors, jumping on visitors, chewing shoes, carpets, furniture, children's toys... barking for nothing (and everything), running out of the gate when it is opened, playing too roughly, fighting, biting, digging the lawn and garden, which they obviously can't learn while they are away from their home.

When training their puppies and their dogs these days, most families need results with minimum time and effort, right away, and not in 6 weeks time. Family training does not involve spending hours, weeks and sometimes months of marching and drilling every weekend, and practicing every day because Dog Training Nature's Way cuts to the chase and resolves the problems that need resolving through understanding our dogs instead of tryng to impose human logic onto them. When you make dogsense instead of nonsense to your dog, you get the results you want in an astonishingly short time. ALL dogs want to be good - they only need to be understood. Dogs are not stupid. It only takes an afternoon to learn to understand them. Then because the dogs now understand theirs owner, they start obeying immediately!

The concept of obedience training is not sustained by actual results - but through propaganda. Just because you hear something over and over, it does not mean it is true. And when you see dog training on TV, of course it is highly edited. It doesn't even remotely attempt to be informative because it is there for entertainment and to attrat sponsors, and for the agenda of the sponsors and the media are given priority over the educating and empowerment of dog owners, for the simple reason that the sponsors do not, after all, want to go out of business.

Because Pam trains dogs within the dogs' own homes, she is able to provide families with a service which goes way and beyond mere "sit, stay, roll over and give paw." Her pupils learn good manners, not to jump on visitors, not to escape their propery, chase the cat, bark for nothing, climb on furniture, chew furniture, run off with possessions, chew possessions...

Dogs also learn to fit in with their families - and not the other way around. Their families learn how to co-exist peacefully and harmoniously with their pets - which automatically cures behaviour problems like disobedience, hyperactiveness, destructiveness, mistaking visitors for burglars, mistaking burglars for visitors....  "This is what we are looking for!" is what we hear so often. It is not magic - it is logic.

Dogs in the wild all coexist peacefully with one another in a well ordered synergistic and cooperative community. But only under certain circumstances. Which Pam teaches. Nature does not have opinions.... (Or fashions.)

A pack of dogs is a team and the leader is their Captain. Captains  do not dominate or compete wither their team. Dog Training and Dog Whispering Nature's Way teaches dog owners that dog owning is not about winning. Owning a dog is not a competition. Actually, it's about winning trust, winning respect and winning co-operation.... Which is what a healthy relationship with a dog is all about. And that is what dog owning is - not war, not a wrestling match, not a competition - but a relationship. Because that is what dogs are made for. To live in a community where there are families, love, caring, loyalty trust, respect.... Where it's not about showing who's boss, or submitting. And a healthy relationship with your dog can only be achieved through understanding your dog and communiating with him in a way that his instincts can relate to. Then the "need" to order him around, to punish, spray, bribe, bliksem, challenge... all goes!

Which automatically cures destructive behaviour, excessive barking, hyperactiveness, fighting, disobedience... because it removes the actual root cause of the problem - confusion - and corrects your dog's attitude - which tha\en automatically corrects his behaviour. Which commands, bribing, being firm, time out.... can never do. At best, your dog will only be good when he is being commanded - and that is through fear of punishment, or the hope of a bribe (if you haven't run out of cookies, or if he is not too distracted.) And a dog that obeys through fear cannot trust us, so our relationship cannot be a fulfilling and healthy one. And when he's not being commanded, he basically does as he likes. And few people have the time to watch their dog to see what he's going to do, so that they can tell him not to. And if it does work, because its only through fear or bribery, the dog's attitude of (of disrespect, rebellion, confusion, and now distrust....) still remains the same.


"Your insight into the situation and into what Alaska would understand by our body language

that you taught us was truly remarkable. It was an exciting feeling to be communicating

directly with Alaska using such simple and gentle methods, and to see all too clearly on

her face that she understood exactly what you meant!!" Amalia. City Bowl.


At Dog Training Nature's Way sessions, all dogs are trained for the price of one, (Pam taught 17 dogs in one afternoon to stop chasing horses - dog language is dog language - and they all spoke it); all the family is included as well as - especially - children, so that everyone "is on the same page" and you don't have only "one person being boss" (so that this person - usually the one who can shout the loudest and bliksem the most - can't go to work in case they are needed at home to command and bliksem their dog) - you now have everyone no longer confusing the dog, and you start seeing results immediately, as your dog starts understanding you.


Questions are encouraged, and you are shown, and have explained to you the mind blowing 15 minute unrehearsed Before and After Learning Dog Language DVD, where you see dogs disobeying and behaving much worse than yours, and you then watch the dogs all start calmiing down and obeying (even a Siberian Wolf) - as their families start applying the simple and natural (completely non-whacko) Language of the Pack techniques - where owning a well behaved dog just becomes - not a mission - but a lifestyle.

You are not judged or criticised - just assisted at your own pace in achieving your goals in bringing your dog - or dogs. under willing control - which is what dogs and their owners deserve. Without bribing, obviously. Which is so much easier than practicing, and drilling, and trying to exhaust your dog, but ending up exhausting yourself - plus owning a dog that is now much fitter than you. And you save time not having to go to the shops to buy plants and roll on lawn, have your carpet cleaned, your upholstry and garden furniture repaired, buy treats, buy toys, buy more treats, buy more toys... what a pleasure! You get your life back as your dog becomes an asset --and not a libaility. Naturally!


Pam has learnt these fascinating, exciting and highly successful natural methods through many years of studying the behaviour of wild dogs and applying what she has learnt to pets in their homes in many countries. It is easy, quick and kind. Be prepared to be amazed!


This mind shift is summed up by Country Living, Australia:


“Pam Whyte, a world renowned authority on dog behavior and psychology has unlocked the door to achieving a more co-operative and manageable dog. She has moved away from traditional methods of dog training and has developed her own very effective and successful natural program. The most unruly and aggressive of dogs respond to this innovative approach. Pam Whyte has addressed universities, training institutions, human/animal interest groups and others on dog psychology and animal perception.” Country Living, Morely, Victoria.


And London Times:


"Pam Whyte provides dog owners with a much needed new approach to dog training."





So.... it appears that it's neither the dog's NOR the owners fault"! Who's fault is it then? It is "the fault" of myths that get unquestioningly perpetuated through TV, conventional dog training, word of mouth, some dog professionals, and the very air we breath.... Time  to liberate both dogs and their families... All the accessorising, rules, practicing and "none of it working anyway" is just making dog owning too stressful and too difficult for too many people. And their dogs. So, back to Nature, or as our dog owners like to say - "Back to basics."




               Does your dog bite, bark, dig, disobey, fight, freak you out -

                                           or have attitude...




What you will get from a Personalised Natural Dog Training Programme:

•  Having a tailor-made Dog Whispering programme worked out for you, your pets, and your own individual circumstances, which will enable you to gain the control over your dog/s that you are looking for (yes, even the most stubborn, and the most hyperactive dog!) and control your dog/s without the use of any force, domination or artificial gimmicks. An understood dog is a happy dog, and an understood owner is a happy owner!

•  Asking questions about your dog/s and his/her/their behaviour, and having them answered.

•  Having your dog's/dogs' behaviour explained to you - and shown on the video/DVD, Before and After learning Dog Language, where you can actually see the very limited degree of control that is achieved the conventional way - and then the amazing degree of control that is achieved the Natural way. Because every dog has an inbuilt desire to please their leader - Natural Dog and Puppy Whispering and Training is unique in that it shows you how to unlock this potential easily, kindly and amazingly quickly. All dogs want to be good - they only need to be understood!

•  Achieving a deep and thorough understanding of dog behaviour, what makes dogs tick, and why they do what they do, so that they obey you because they want to cooperate with you, and not through fear of punishment. Even when they are excited. Bribing our dogs with treats does not work when dogs are preoccupied. (And when we - or the pet shop - have run out of treats...)

Our relationship with our dogs is so much more rewarding when they are good because they love, respect and understand us. And when they are good out of choice and well behaved without any effort - we can be proud of their behaviour when visitors come and we don't have to lock them up or even raise our voice.

Dog owning is not about winning a war - it is about not losing. Not losing your control over our dog, your temper, your dog's trust, your cat, your garden furniture, your dog's respect or your dog....


Dog owning is a loving relationship where mutual trust, loyalty, respect and affection are very important. A pack of dogs in the wild is a team, and their leader is the trusted captain - not a bully. The extract from the Journal of the African Wildlife Foundation below points out that contrary to widely held myths that leaders dominate: "... there is little intimidation among the hierarchy." [Full article below.] Dog Training Nature's Way uses these natural win-win principles to great effect, making it much easier to control our dogs, and vastly enhancing our relationship with them.


•  Having your dog trained personally by Pam - teaching him to stop them jumping on visitors, digging and chewing, barking for nothing, pulling on the lead, protection, escaping your property, etc. (Which, with the correct knowledge is not nearly as difficult as it sounds.)

•  Lead training - your dog will be taught to walk nicely on a lead without pulling, barking at other dogs, or conducting a sit-in strike - with Pam Whyte's own "Don't be a Dope on a Rope" dog leads.

•  Protection - it is built within the dog's genes to protect his territory and his pack - but only under certain conditions. Natural Dog Training develops these protective instincts so that children are treated gently, as puppies in a pack would be, and intruders are not tolerated. When dogs are confident, clear headed, responsible and trustworthy - these instincts develop naturally.

•  Socialising - dogs learn by example, so when you take your dog to conventional dog training and puppy socialising, your dog will come home, having learnt - not what you are trying to teach him in human language - but the bad habits of the other dogs that he has been exposed to, who are corrupting him in dog language. (Good dogs don't go to dog training!) Which means that you will "have to" take your dog back next week, where he will learn yet more bad habits, which means that he will "have to..." and so dog owners get trapped on the obedience training treadmill. Which creates the erroneous perception that it takes weeks, months and even longer, to train a dog.

Josephine on the other hand, is trained to lead by example, as the leader in the wild does, so she is a highly effective mentor to her client's dogs.


• Receiving very valuable "insider" information on where the mainstream dog system originates, and how it affects the way we handle our dogs, and therefore - ultimately the way our dogs behave in their homes. This includes access to new independent research findings into which foods give longevity. One of Pam's Pupils was put on her special natural diet and lived to 26!

•  Learning how to save (lots of) money. This very cost-effective approach is an investment, as you will not need to replace your plants, your sprinkler system, cell phone, new shoes, gimmicks that don't work, and you also learn how to save (a lot) on feeding bills, medical expenses...

•  Leaning how to save (lots of) time. You save, not only on money, but also on other very valuable commodities - time and energy! Natural Dog Training simply fits into your lifestyle, so there is no practicing to do because your dog now understands you. So many wasted hours can now be yours.


•  All pets, and all family members are included. Children and adults who are not strong, and who hate punishing their dogs or raising their voices, learn how to bring even the biggest and most disobedient dogs under control - because natural techniques do not use force - they use communication, trust and influence, which are the universal principles of leadership. And are therefore far more effective and permanent (and more humane) than artificial methods which threaten, dominate and impose fear of punishment onto our pets.


Once you have learnt how to bring your puppy or your dog under willing control with "the original instruction manual that never came with the dog", you will be able to control [and be proud of] of every dog you ever own!


                 You won't get this information anywhere else.

Looking at dogs with “fresh eyes” will give you the control over your dog that you are seeking. And dogs are so much happier when they have the security of being both loved and understood! Love alone is never enough. For dogs or people.



1) Extract from: African Wildlife Foundation:

"Behaviour. African wild dogs live in packs of six to 20. The aggression exhibited towards prey is completely nonexistent between members of the pack and there is no intimidation among the social hierarchy."



2) Extract from:Carnivora Species Information.

" Social Behaviour.  The reason wild dogs do not act aggressively to assert rank may be due to the fact that the entire social system is so cooperative-dependent that if one should be injured, the pack would be less effective in hunting for food. An African wild dog pack is dependent upon abundant food, and only one pair breeds, and those puppies are dependent on their parents for such a long period of time, that cooperation is a necessity. So, instead of an active hierarchy, they have a passive hierarchy, with cooperation being emphasized rather than dominance."


And these are the natural principles which Pam teaches, which explains why Dog Training and Dog Whipering Nature's Way is able to achieve such an exceptionally high success rate. No one is expelled and further assistance is given free of charge after the first session, should the family still need it. It is not magic - it is logic.


                                                             An understood dog is a happy dog.

                                                         An understood owner is a happy owner!


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