1. "But will my dog still protect me?"

2. "When is the best time to start Dog Training the Natural Way?"

3. "Why don't we see Pam on TV so much any more?"

4. "How long does Natural Dog Training take to get results?"

5. "Can Natural Dog Training cure all behaviour problems?"

6. "How much will Natural Dog Training cost?"

7. "Will my children also be able to learn to Dog Whisper?"

8."Do you make personal visits beyond the Western Cape ?

8. When is the best time to start Dog Training the Natural Way ?

9. "I don't suppose you train cats as well, do you?"

10. What other animals have you trained The Natural Way?



This is one very spunky and innovative little Yorkie that was given to Pam by a vet after having been found with both his back legs injured in an accident.

Yes, he did recover the use of both back legs - but in the meantime, he did not let life get him down!


11."Can even my dog be trained The Natural Way?"

12 "What got you started with Natural Dog Training?"


13. "Have you ever had any failures?"


Dog owners say the darndest things!


  • ...about their vet:

“My dog was sick so I took him to the vegetarian”.

“My vet says my dog has arithmetics”.

“My vet took out my dog’s tentacles”.

“The vet stuck a thermostat up my dog’s bum.”

“I took my Yorkie to the vet because she had a red

mark on her stomach. He told me it was lipstick.”


...about their dog:


“My dog bites people and children.”

“My dog is so naughty, I tell him he is AN ANIMAL!!” (Perhaps the children are too...)

“My dog is so ugly that when she’s in season, the other dogs all run away from her!"

"Pam told us to ignore our dog when he weed on our stoep. So last night as he was about to wee on our doormat my husband turned the light off - and he went straight and cocked his leg on the lawn instead! ”


...about dog owners:

"I whant you to help me to tel peopels it is not the dog it is the handles" (Verbatim quote from email.)


....about their dog’s therapist:


“Pam must be very good, if she doesn’t charge for her second coming.!”


....And our pets - do they say the darndest things...?


"We always put our parrot in the passage at night with his cage covered", a dog owner told Pam. "Then one night an intruder broke into our house, and came walking down the passage toward our bedroom...

Our parrot said "Who's there..??" ...and the intruder fled.

(Was that a “watch parrot?” I bet he got an extra big piece of cheese the next morning!)


          Your dog is not

             just a body -

          he is Somebody.





         Dog owning is a relationship.

         Healthy relationships are not

                   built around  who

            dominates who - but upon 

              mutual love, respect, 

                  trust and  loyalty.






   ...And professors say the

   darndest things:


        "It can't be true because

             it didn't come out

                 of a book"!

























Dog Training the Natural Way - FAQ'S:


"But will my dog still protect me?"

This is the question I am asked most. A dog does not have to be disobedient, hyperactive and destructive in order to protect us properly! (No logic in that!)

Yes, of course your dog will still protect you! In fact, even more so. Dogs that bark at, and even bite family members and everyone who visits us are not being protective. (Unless you have dangerous visitors and family members!) Proper protection comes from dog a) being clear headed enough to distinguish between friend and foe; b) our dog being courageous enough to stand up to an intruder, and c) our dogs being loyal toward their family. Naturally! Which are all included in the Dog Training and Dog Whispering Nature's Way courses.

Unfortunately, artificial dog training actually causes adrenalin surges through over stimulating dogs (which is why so many dogs get "expelled" from obedience training classes). High adrenalin levels detract from mental clarity. And encouraging dog owners to make their dogs submit to them is, of course turning dogs cowardly. The fearfulness that makes dogs submit to their owners obviously causes dogs be fearful in other threatening situations as well. The solution is of course, to be a team with your dog, the way a pack of dogs is in the wild functions - with their leader being their Captain, and not their enemy, or their opponent.

All this widespread confused thinking, which causes so many "behaviour problems" in dogs, comes from imitating the army instead of studying the Laws of Nature which govern dog behaviour. This misinformation has gained credibility through propaganda (the more often you hear a lie the more you believe it), and not from actual results. A "trained dog" is a dog that - like a brainwhashed soldier - has had his spirit broken.)

But when training your dog Nature's Way, you will automatically develop your dog's protective instinct - which is already built into the dog's DNA. All dogs naturally protect their territory (don't we all!), their pack and their pack leader for the purpose of survival. When a dog firstly - understands us, and secondly - is clear headed (i.e. not high on adrenalin), then they automatically know the difference between what is normal and what is not normal, and act instinctively when they are needed to come to our defence.


Many a dog has saved their loved one/s by acting intuitively even before their family realised that they were in danger. Pam included. Her dog Tandy who was brought up the Natural Way to be loyal and clear headed knew that Pam was in danger before she even remotely knew herself - and saved her life.

When dogs are so called "protection trained" however, they are dependent on commands, so when their owner is being threatened, they may not be in a position to give their dog a command, or when they do - as in the case when Pam was in danger - it would be too late.

A good watch dog is not the stereotype "vicious" dog that we are led to believe they must be, but is loyal and courageous, and is automatically gentle and trustworthy, especially with children - in the same way they that would be with their young and with their pack in the wild, explains dog whisperer Pam Whyte. She points out that statistics prove that the stereo-type "watch dogs" attack family members far more than they attack actual intruders. One of her clients had two watch dogs. He heard a sound at night, and came downs stairs and found his watch dogs watching two intruders fill their sacks with his silver. They looked up when he entered the room, and when they saw him they barked at him! Oops - not the kind of watching that they were supposed to be doing! Where was their loyalty?  (They probably thought the burglars had treats in their bags.)

So how do you bring up a dog to be loyal and clear headed - and therefore be a good watch dog? There is no space to write another book here! It is very easy, but you will have to unlearn the artificial misinformation that dog owners are fed in their daily diet on dog behaviour, and re-learn the (fascinating and empowering) Laws of the Jungle that govern the dog's protective instincts in the Ebook How to Own a Good Watchdog by Pam Whyte under Books/Other Books. 


"When is the best time to start Dog Training the Natural Way?"

Pam Whyte sees all dogs from 8 weeks to old age. She has achieved startling results with dogs of 14 years of age. Of course, she prefers to cure the problems the moment they first start manifesting themselves. The myths and misperceptions that state: "Dogs will grow out of behaviour problems", "it is only puppy behaviour", "the dog is teething", cause problems to escalate, and be more difficult to cure. At best, they cause dog owners to miss out on so much pleasure that they could otherwise be getting from their dogs. Dogs don't grow out of behaviour problems - the cause must be removed.


"Why don't we see Pam on TV so much any more?"

Pam needs to protect the privacy of her family as well as her own, so she seldom accepts invitations for guest appearances on television. With a website, however, this also works well, as she is still able to help and to be in touch with dog owners around the world.


"How long does Natural Dog Training take to get results?"

An afternoon is all it normally takes for the family to learn how to "speak dog language", which is very simple, and very exciting. Once you know how dogs communicate naturally can connect with him properly be getting onto his wavelength, so to speak, and bring him under control astonishingly quickly. Not unlike speaking English to an English person instead of Japanese - the change in our behaviour will be amazing!

Dogs are extremely intelligent, so they usually respond immediately to the new system. They may have learnt their "problem" behaviour over a long period, so may lapse back into it during their period of readjustment, which can last up to two weeks. However, if the family is consistent in applying Natural Dog Training - as you can see by the video clips and the testimonials of people who have used it for only a very short while - the change in their dogs' behaviour is soon firmly established. (Dogs find being good much less hard work!) And of course, being understood gives them confidence and security - and they are much happier because they enjoy their famly's approval. And good dogs are able to have more privileges, like being inside more, getting more walks, etc.)

"Can Natural Dog Training cure all behavior problems?"

What humans regard as misbehaviour is often a natural activity in the "wrong" place at the "wrong" time. For example, when a dog's adrenalin is running too high, they bark at other dogs. When their adrenalin levels are down, dogs in the wild do not "network" with each other in this way.

It can also be, for example, that our dog not interpreting our words and actions the way we expect him to (dogs are not humans). So by learning Nature's Formula for Obedience, therefore, you learn how dogs actually perceive our actions - and how to can create an environment in which your dog learns to choose appropriate behaviour, rather than avoid punishment through fear, or expect to be bribed. The way dogs in the wild, where unity is strength, naturally cooperate with their leader.


"How much will Natural Dog Training cost? "

The investment of your time is far less than traditional drilling requires, and you recover much - if not all (or more than) your investment through being informed, and therefore empowered. You also have this knowledge for all future dogs - in the same way that you do not have to learn to drive a car every time you buy a new one or learn to speak French every time you meet a French person!


Dogs under the age of 6 months cost less than adult dogs. Two, three, ten, twenty dogs are all trained for the price of one. (Because they all speak the same language.) For example, Pam cured 17 dogs of chasing horses and their riders that rode past her client's farm in an afternoon, by connecting with the leader dog, and all the other dogs followed his example.


"Will my children also be able to learn to Dog Whisper? "

Yes. Natural Dog Training also includes the children. Because it uses communication in place of force, Natural Dog Training can even be used by young children - as can be seen in the Home Movie Before and After Learning Dog Language.

Pam tells families two things: One, the most important family member (the dog being a family member), is the youngest child. The dog must be 100% trustworthy and gentle around all babies and toddlers, even when adults are not present. It is not possible or practical never to leave a child alone with a dog. The dog must fit in with them, not the other way around.

All children should be able to play, run, leave toys on the floor - and the dog must not have any desire or urge to chase them or to chew their toys. The onus is not on the child to be safe around dogs. It is on the dog to be safe around children - and this is all easily, quickly and gently achieved when Nature's Formula for Obedience is applied. Dogs in the wild are all gentle with their puppies when they are "out of survival" - which of course, is what Dog Whispering Nature's Way uniquely teaches.

Next, Pam tells families - if the strongest person in the family or the one who can shout the loudest can handle the dog, (the way conventional dog training teaches) then he or she had better stay at home all day in case they are needed to control their dog! (Then who is going to go to work to earn money to buy the dog his food!) But if the youngest member of the family can control the dog - then so can Mom and Dad. Sound impossible? When using conventional "ruk, pluk, bliksem 'n bribe" methods - yes, then it is. But when we understand our dogs and work with their instincts instead of against them - it is not at all impossible. In fact, it's child's play! Pam achieves this every day.


"Do you make personal visits around the whole country?"

Yes. Pam will visit anywhere in the Global Village if her traveling costs are covered. However, dog owners get amazing results from other resources, such as her Home Natural Dog Training Kit, her book, booklets and Natural Dog Training Home Movies which are far more cost effective.


"I don't suppose you train cats as well, do you....?"

Yes, Pam corrects problem behavior in cats on a regular basis. Except she does not call them cats. She calls them Bonsai lions. She finds that cats' social instincts are far more highly developed than people give them credit for. (They just don't want us to know it.) They are very clever, and often team up with "naughty" dogs in a way families would never suspect.

Pam cures such problems such as messing inside, making a habit of getting stuck in trees and on roofs, eating disorders, fighting their companions, for example. Extreme cases are where one cat ate the duvet, and one that bit the baby.

Cats are generally very underestimated. In many of the homes that Pam is called in to, the "dog hates the cat". Or so it appears. The dog is chasing the cat, so it is automatically presumed that the cat is scared of the dog. Well, Pam wants to know... "If the cat is so scared of the dog, why then does he choose to jump down on the floor right in front of the dog...?" (For the sport, actually.) So, it turns out that it is the cat that is needing the training.


  "What other animals have you trained"

Pam has worked with horses, meercats, monkeys, parrots, wolves, camels, Dingoes, (including her own which she had to rehabilitate), wild dogs. The horses have just been small problems, like refusing to be bridled. Parrots are usually for screeching problems, occasionally for sudden refusal to talk. One meercat that Pam worked with was being chased by the family dog, so she was called in to teach the dog not to chase the meercat. It turned out that the meercat, who was enjoying the sport (as well as being rescued) was the problem! And one of the camels that Pam worked with was aggressive so that no one could ride him. She was due to ride him, and thought it may be a good idea to do therapy on him first!

It worked, and the handler adopted the technique himself. Working with animals is all about establishing a rapport, getting a connection, and winning their trust. Animals have emotions that are very similar to peoples' - and therefore need love, companionship, empathy and to be understood just as much as we do.


"Can even my dog be trained The Natural Way?"

Yes. The dog's original pack instincts are present in all domestic dogs. For over 35 years, Pam has been successfully applying the natural principles that govern dog behaviour to all breeds of dogs from 6 weeks to 16 years to cure all behaviour problems. Within breeds, however, there are different dynamics, like working instincts, "short fuses", a natural willingness, stubbornness, which Pam includes, channels and explains, while working with families.

Everything Natural Dog Training teaches is empirical. Empirical in that these scientific facts have all been thoroughly tried, tested and proven over long periods within the dog’s own natural habitat (i.e. where the dog lives and interacts with his family, and with other pets - not in army-simulated situations such as at dog training, or in laboratories).


"Are you the same as - "....who's that guy on TV...?"

No - the main difference is - Pam gives away her secrets (and the dogs' - and they have many). She shows you exactly how the change in the dog's behaviour is achieved - and places the power in your hands so that you can achieve the same results. If you do not know as much as Pam does about dog behaviour at the end of the session (and that is a lot!) - you will not be able to maintain your dog's good behaviour after she has left. And if you do - you will be able to communicate with and control all dogs in future.


"What got you started with Natural Dog Training?"

Click here to find out.... Video (wmv 371 KB)



"Have you ever had any failures?"

Well, er... click here to see...


>Click here to contact Pam Whyte, Natural Dog Trainer, Dog Psychologist and

Dog Whisperer...








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