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When training their dogs or puppies, most families these days need results right away, with minimum time and effort.

This unique and highly successful approach to dog behaviour training, dog obedience training, dog whispering - and simply understanding our pet dogs, combines old fashioned service with up to the minute techniques that keep in touch with the needs of to-day's busy families, enabling dog owners around the world to own dogs that they can control easily and kindly, and whose behaviour they can be proud of - in an amazingly short time. Nature knows best.

This approach is distinctly different in that it is not a "one size fits all" approach to dog training, but is adapted to suit the needs and circumstances of each individual family. And because Natural Dog Training takes place in the homes of the families who own the dogs, it is able to provide you with a service that goes far beyond mere "sit, stay, give paw and roll over". It is not a project... it is simply putting dogs and their owners onto the same wavelength. There is no such thing as a naughty dog... only a confused dog.

And because this is not a one size fits all, cookie-cutter "ruk, pluk bliksem 'n bribe" approach to dog training - you have tailor made programme worked out especially for you and your own individual needs and circumstances, which means the results are much quicker. Like speaking French to a French person instead of English or Chinese... the change n their behaviour is amazing! Expect the same with your dog. And an added bonus is - it is much, (much) easier! (And totally non-whacko.)

It is not magic... it is logic.

And because it does not imitate the army, but comes from studying both wild dogs, and domestic dogs in their own homes, it is totally natural - which is why dogs understand us immediately. The intelligent alternative therefore involves no raised voices, force or domination, or even repitition - our dog just understands instinctively, and chooses to obey! Yes, even your dog! Without being bribed of course - which is just a marketing gimmick, and when you have run out of treats, or your dog is too excited.... you have zero control over him. And sometimes the dog is ultra smart, and "smells a rat..." - which unfortunately artificial training interprets as "stupid".

And more good news... being good is much less hard work than being naughty... plus, it is built into our dogs' DNA for the purpose of survival to please and to cooperate with their leader - but they cannot do this if they do not understand us.

Dogs do not command each other, so conventional dog training relies on repetition, fear and bribery for results, which takes weeks, months... and hours of "praciting" every day, which explains why it has a such a high failure rate. (Which is what "being expelled" and the "it is not the dog's fault it is the owner's is in reality - dogs being confused. And dogs that are courageous enough not to submit to a bullying trainer (in reality - cower) are labled "stubborn" and even "stupid". (The term stupid dog is an oxymoron....) And not everyone has spray bottles and treats handy at the instant that they need them. So the solution? Learn to communicate correctly, easily and in a completely non-gimmicky way that your dog will understand immediately. These simple and natural techniques are demonstrated in the DVD''s, which are unrehearsed, so that you learn along with the dog owners on camera where nothing is rehearsed and real life is reflected. One may call them "doggy soaps" which are both highly informative and entertaining.

Another bonus is - Pam teaches dog owners how to make their dogs fit in with them, instead of vice versa - the way the mainstream teaches. This not only makes dogs much easier to control and to enjoy, but being properly understood also makes the dogs much happier.

All the family - the children, grandparents, domestic staff... are welcome to be included in the training, so that even the youngest/gentlest member/s of the family can control their pet; all dogs and puppies are trained for the price of one.

Behaviour problems and disobedience are cured by removing the actual underlying cause of the problem, which makes the training stress free and the results not only immediate and permanent. Because it involves no practicing, drilling, bribery or gimmicks -owning a well behaved dog that you can be proud of simply slots into your life style.

I would obey you... ...
if only I could understand you!!

Punishing our pet for not understanding us(!) is not necessary when we have the correct information!

Home Rehab involves no punishment or trauma of any kind - or even any extra work for you - this is an added bonus. To both owners and pets because being understood always makes a person (and their pets) much happier.

Communicating correctly with our pets gives us a connection, in place of domination and submission which not only don't work - but are abusive - and dogs learn by example. And it is this connection that enables us to cure all behaviour problems - such as fighting, excessive barking and barking at visitors, hyperactivenss, aggression, pulling on the lead, jumping on visitors, digging, chewing, stealing, "no ears", refusing to walk on the lead, disobedience, domination, not protecting, escaping the property, messing indoors.... amazingly quickly and easily - because it is not the dogs that are doing the learning - it's the humans, so it only takes a week or two - frequently less, on average to own dogs you can be proud of, and have peace and harmony in your home.

Because the methods that Dog Training Nature's Way uses have been tried, tested and proven within the dogs' own homes over several decades, Pam is able to give you all the one on one assistance that you may still need after you have obtained the Kit until you are 100% satisfied with your dog's behaviour. Nature knows best.


                                                                The Intelligent Alternative!


                                    Featured Testimonials

                             (The original copies are available for viewing on request at the offices of Natural Dog Training.)


"About a month ago I bought your dog training home kit in anticipation of the arrival of a 2 month old puppy in our home. I must confess that I was skeptical at first, but a friend of mine strongly recommended your book 'Living with an Alien'. So I sent off for your kit and received it a day or two later. "Thank you, thank you for this information!!!. what an eye opener. I finished reading this in one stetting... just what I needed. And my dogies:) Just one day...and already seeing an improvement. Thank you so much..." Dog Trainer U.S.A.


I had read all about the legendary stubborness of the Chesapeakes and their destructive ability in the home. So I was a bit worried. Most of the 'experts' recommended that at least 1 year of obedience training (including puppy socialization classes) would be necessary to turn it into a good canine citizen.

Nevertheless, from day 1 I applied your program and was simply amazed at the results. Three weeks later I have a calm, placid, happy pup that demonstrates a remarkable degree of maturity for his tender age. He has not destroyed anything nor has he demonstrated any degree of stubborness. Just an eagerness to please. He is extremely polite. On approaching a doorway he stands aside and allows me to enter first. I did not teach him this. It just came naturally. He is quite 'mouthy' but does not bite our hands. My 4 year old daughter has also learnt how to control him when she wants him to leave her alone. Your method really works! I have jettisoned all ideas of obedience training and puppy socialization. They are not necessary. It is as if someone switched a light on, dispelling all the confusion and misinformation about dogs and dog training.

I suspect that the Chesapeake's cycle of stubborness and destructiveness works like this: new owner hears from 'experts' that obedience training is mandatory. Obedience training leads to stubborness and destructiveness, which leads to more obedience training, which leads to etc, etc." Thank you again,
Eric. RSA



"I could hardly believe it when I visited your site, because I have been looking for Pam Whyte for years! We talked when I was at the Animal Protection Institute in California, way back around 2001, but lost touch when I left there. I’ve never forgotten her amazing videos and book, because her methods are by far the best I’ve ever seen. In fact, was just thinking about Pam the other day as I was walking a friend’s dog! So I am thrilled to see your website at If there’s anything else I can do to help promote your wonderful program, just ask!

Cheers, Dr. Jean. (Vet, USA)  



"Just thought I would give you a five month report back on my dogs - the three who who piddled inside ??  We have only had three puddles since I started your programme in February !  I am so thrilled with the results - you cannot believe how good it is to not have to lift my rugs every evening .     They are all in all are much calmer, happier dogs.  Please feel free to use me as a reference for anyone who doubts  the possiblity of stopping bad behaviour with your original and natural techniques !!!  The best investment I have ever made."     Thank you !  Catriona. RSA



"I am reading the books you sent me and I must say I find it very fascinating to know how dogs actually operate.

There are big improvements in Jacks behaviour already. For one, he is much calmer and seems to be happier. We also enjoy his company more. I’m really glad I took this leap to invest in our family.

Thanks again for making this available to me and my family." Maricka RSA


                                           A dog makes a house a home - Pam makes a dog a plesure!


A Home Kit consists of:


1) Pam's latest book on Dog Language - Living with an Alien; This is the only book in the world on The Language of the Pack - which is entirely natural, and involves nothing artificial. It simply teaches dog owners the conditions that exist in the wild where there is peace and harmony within a pack of dogs, so that dogs are automatically well mannered, well behaved, gentle with children, not gentle with intruders and instinctively know the difference between those who  can be trusted and those who can't. This is because dogs are naturally intuitive - all that dog owners need to learn is how to develop their dog's naural instinct to protect.

Once dogs understand their owners, they are then beyond obedient - they cooperate with their owners out of choice. In the wild, unity is strength, so a pack of dogs is a team - the leader being the Captian of the team. Living with an Alien teaches dog owners how to get into these natural win-win relationships with their dogs, so that owning a dog that is well behaved becomes a life style - and not a mission or  project. The feed back that we get from delighted dog owners who are amazed at how quick and easy the results are can be seen on our testimonials pages, and in our Dog Training Nature's Way Home Movies...


2) Dog Training Nature's Way Home Movie, Living with an Alien, Living with an Alien, where you actually meet dog owners in the cases discussed in the book, and learn with them, the kind and simple natural techniques that they are being taught to correct their dogs' disobedience, hyperactivenss, pulling on the lead, aggression... etc. Plushow they bring their Best Buddies under willing control (obviously without bribing them), without any dominating, bliksemming, coercing, repeating, raised voices, pointed fingers (which in reality are directing hostility at their dogs) ....for not understandin them!

When someone understands you, whether they have 2 legs or 4, you don't need ("need") any of the above. They respond immediately. And of course, you learn how they give your dogs love and affection in a way that does not bring down these kind and gentle parameters, overstimilate, or confuse them. The expression on the face of one of the last dogs in the movie - a St. Bernard, who had been taking his owner for a total ride (in more ways than one) says it all... it is hilarious. A black German Shepherd who suddenly finds he can no longer "pull his owner's strings" is clearly thinking: "I DO NOT believe my eyes!!!" No punishing, commanding (which come from the army and not from Nature because dogs don't command each other (because they can't speak)... just connecting with their dogs on their own level Nature's Way and through becoming a true and trusted leader and not a bully or a dictator that is feared, and therefore mistrusted.

It is so important not to loose our dogs' trust through making them "submit" to us - which in reality is cowering. Dog owning is a relationship - not war, or a competition - and trust is vital in all healthy mutually enhancing relationships. Which is what we get dogs for - to be our buddies and family members - not victims or enemies.


3) "Behind the Scenes", (vital) up to the minute New Research Findings (that you are not supposed to know because they set dog owners free to control their own dogs, so that they do not need to keep coming back, and back, commanding, jerking, practicing, bribing and exposing their dogs to other naughty dogs, where they pick up bad habits from each other...) So, once you have this cutting edge information, you will save yourself a fortune, as well as time and energy, because you will be able to control your dog much more easily without having to practice, dominate, ruk, pluk, bliksem 'n bribe... spray, time out.... etc. because it works right away. Not unlike speaking French to a French person - the change in their behaviour is amazing once they understand you!


4) Dog Training Nature's Way Documentary, Before and After Learning Dog Language . In this honest, spontaneous and unrehearsed movie footage, showing you how so many other dog owners are struggling to contol their dogs, Pam does not tell you how well Natural Dog Training works... she does something far more powerful... she shows you. The movie clearly demonstrates that it is not the dog's fault. Nor is it the owner's fault - you see quite clearly that these poor owners are doing exactly what they have been told to do - which is what you are also doing, because it's what you have all been told - and it's clearly not working. So whose fault is it then???

We can't tell you. We can only show you - you will see this clearly on this home movie... In fact on all of them. And, like so many other dog owners, you will be liberated from all the feelings of guilt from being told that it is your fault that what you are being taught doesn't work. (Some of you may even have been "expelled" out of dog school for the dog trainer's failure to deliver!)

This footage is both riveting, and highly informative. (Plus so nice to see other people struggling with their dogs even more than you are!) Then even nicer still -to see how beautifully behaved their dogs become once they have the correct (i.e. natural) communication tools that are so simple - and know that you, too, can be equally empowered and proud of your dog - and your dog equally liberated. With some of the dogs the results are instant - with a wolf for example that is harassing a little boy. And the owner does not have to watch the wolf all the time to see what he is going to do so that he can tell him not to. The change in behaviour is permanent because Dog Whispering Nature’s Way corrects our dogs’ deep seated attitude. (The video clip on our Home Page of this website shows the relief on the face of the German Shepherd as she looks up at her owner so gratefully, now that she understands her Dad.) These unrehearsed Home Movies are like Doggy Soap Opera's - very real - and very revealing. And very entertaining.


5) Dog Training Nature's Way Home Movie, The Dogs Must be Crazy, where you become a fly on the wall so to speak, during several therapy sessions with Pam – learning (and laughing) with them as you watch their dogs go from "crazy" to calm, well behaved and happy - without having to be ordered around or controlled (because they were now under control) in an amazingly short time. And of course - how this was achieved. One dog trainer told Pam - "If I hadn't seen how you did it, I would have thought you'd rigged it." 

At the end of the movie as the credits roll, if you look carefully... you will see Michelle, the owner of the Pit Bull that was completely unmanageable, patting her chest a mere two weeks later and laughing, saying delightedly: "My dog respects me!" Beyond obedient.

What a pleasure!


6) Don't be a Dope on a Rope Lead and Comfy Slip Collar with free video clip that demonstrates how this revolutionary lead works. These leads cure all dogs of pulling their owners by learning how "to think like a dog" - which, in a nutshell, is the whole secret behind the success of Dog Training and Dog Whispering Nature's Way. You will see dogs stop pulling their owners immediately, the instant their owners learn not to (unwittingly) send packing signals to their dog - which all mainstream dog leads that are designed from the human perspective (i.e maximum price/minimum length) do... as if dogs all automatically understand the "dogs must walk nicely on their leads" concept. And when they don't, they must be taught to (again - with instruction from the human perspetive which still doesn't make dogsense)... so when they don't learn because they don't understand (dogs aren't stupid) - they must be yanked, jerked, yelled at and given army style commands... you know the drill. Then - because the dog still continues to receive packing signals - except more now... try another lead that fits on the body or the nose, or under the chest or gives an electric shock, or spikes them with spikes... but you still continue to chase your dog! Darn! Poor dog! Poor owner! (In fact getting poorer every time they have to go out and buy a shorter, or a longer or another lead.)

The video clip demonstrates how well and how quickly (and how easily!) these natural leads work. "Natural" as per the "the dog understand immediately". If a dog's adrenalin is running too high - assistance is available for resolving this problem naturally. (Naturally!)

The Comfy Slip collars adjust to fit snugly on the dog's neck, so not even Staffies can get out them. (Or con artists, like Jack Russells.) Unfortunately, in  reality, quite a few dogs that are excitable manage to get out of harnesses. And the nice thing about the leads is, dogs do not feel restricted, so when they realise they cannot pull their Houdine stunt any longer - they do not feel frustrated. The idea of the walk is enjoyment! And that is what this natural equipment delivers. And for dogs that get over excited, run around, duck and dive under tables and chairs and over furniture and kitchen counters with owners in tow trying to get the lead/harness/Haltis/chains/collar on their dog - "Pam's Tips" come with the instructions, and resolve these stunts quickly and easily with no bribing, commanding, threating, losing it, or eventually getting the lead on thei dog under the dining room table.... What a pleasure!

Unlike the Don't be a Dope on a Rope Leads and Comfy Slip Collars, harnesses have not been subjected to long term quality control tests, and do not work for dogs that pull seriously. They actually makes it easier for dogs to pull their owners, because that is what harnesses are for: horses pulling carts and Huskies pulling sledges. (And dogs pulling owners.)


7) Walking Your Dog on a Lead the (Very) Easy Way eBook, which goes with the leads when requested, for no extra charge.


8) E-Book of Your Choice. Most people choose Preventing and Curing Adrenalin Problems in the Domestic Dog, because over 75% of all "no ears", hyperactiveness, digging, chewing, excessive barking, jumping on visitors, running out of the gate and escaping the property, dog fights, biting... are a result of their dog's adrenalin running too high. This eBook teaches dog owners how to bring down their dogs' adrenalin levels down simply by removing the source of the adrenalin, the way it occurs in the wild. This calms dogs, cures all the above problems, and more.... making themmuch easier to control.


9) A Customized Dog Training Nature's Way Programme and as much one-on-one assistance as you need. With Pam's extensive knowledge of dog behaviour and on-hands experience with problem dogs in thousands of homes world wide, she is able to pin-point solutions to problems with astounding accuracy. As you can see in both the Home Movies, and the testimonials.


10) And if you would like it, "Group Support", in the form of progress reports from dog owners around the world who have experienced, worked through, and resolved problems that are similar to yours with their dogs. It is always great to know that you are not alone, and that others have mastered situations much worse than yours - and that you are able to learn from their experience.


Pam can also guide you in choosing the right ebook for you, and the correct size lead and collar for your dog.


                                                            Dog Training Nature's Way -

                                                      Around the Corner.... Around the World!


All this for only R2,500 - plus postage - and never experience behaviour problems with your dogs ever again!



Normal postage and packaging in South Africa: R45.00;

Speedpost for cllection at your nearest poPost Office counter: R85.00;

Overnight courier to your front door (recommended) R150.


U.K. U.S.A. Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Namibia, and all other countries, according to weight.

All Natural Dog Training Home Kits are posted within 24 hours of receiving your order - and the PDF files are sent within 12 hours. Results are seen right away, the moment your dog starts understanding you... because you start understanding your dog.                                              

Before and After Learning Dog Language

Please let Pam or Paul have details of your dog's breed, age, sex and details on his/her/their behavior, other pets, etc. The more information you give her, the more she can help you.

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