Living with an Alien Dog Training Book Media Comments

“This book, filled with some delightful cartoons by Walter Pichler, is well-researched and informative and is the ideal guide for anyone who cares about his best friend.” Sunday Times

“All dogs should be grateful to Pam Whyte.” Cape Times.

“Pam Whyte takes us very humorously (but also very practically), through a multitude of topics. This enchanting and funny book with delightful cartoons by Walter Pichler is, however about more than behaviour therapy – it is also about animal perception and dog language.” SA Country Life.

“Pam Whyte, a world renowned authority on dog behaviour and psychology has unlocked the door to achieving a more co-operative and manageable dog. She has moved away from traditional methods of dog training and has developed her own very effective and successful program. The most unruly and aggressive of dogs respond to this innovative approach. Ms Whyte has addressed universities, training institutions, human/animal interest groups and others on dog psychology and animal perception.” Morely, Victoria, Australia.

“Pam has been doing animal behaviour therapy in Johannesburg for decades and has a good reputation. This book illustrates her thesis on why dogs go wrong and how to put them back on track. In this fascinating, humorous and beneficial book, Pam lets us into the secret psyche of the dog and teaches us how to live successfully and happily with our canine companions. A must for every dog owner.” The Star.

“I have known and lived with dogs all my life, but I found this book by Pam Whyte an eye opener.” The Star.

“The book has its hilarious moments… The contents are amazing… Pam has some excellent and very serious thoughts about living with dogs – sort of “duty without cruelty”… It's a super book for anyone with a dog, for, no matter how you think you get along with Fido, there's plenty more to learn to make your life (and your dog's) even better.” Natal Mercury.

“Covering a variety of aspects, including commands, food, separation anxiety and others (there is even a chapter for those who don't like dogs), Pam's formidable knowledge of her subject is evident.” The Citizen.

“Her latest book, Living with an Alien, is essential reading for every intelligent canine. It's 350 pages packed with good advice largely based on the questions dog owners ask about dog behaviour. And it's delightfully illustrated by cartoonist Walter Pichler. Sunday Times.

“Successful close encounters of the canine kind. Living with an Alien should be required reading for every city dweller thinking of acquiring a dog. She has also produced several videos on dog behaviour, one of which is used by guide-dog trainers in France.” Cape Times.

“Dog training presupposes that dogs think like humans. Think again! But if you're prepared to let the dog dominate, then you might as well switch on the electric blanket, open the fridge, hand over the can opener and the car keys and move out to the dog kennel.” Star

“Pam has spent 3 decades working with dogs, and encapsulated much of her wisdom in the 340-page volume. … In fact this book is the best excuse I've ever had for not getting up early on a Sunday morning and standing in a field with other dog owners……you will be entertained by her wealth of anecdotes and case histories.” John Scott, Cape Times.”

“Pam Whyte's latest work will leave you with a distinct feeling that the mutt lying at your feet, on the sofa, or bed, knows more than you could ever imagine.” District Mail.

“Pam's book Living with an Alien is an amusing but perceptive book on animal perception and dog language.” Farmers Weekly.

“Pam sets out to help humans tap into and develop the instincts that a dog brings when it comes to live in our society, instead of trying to force them into un-doglike behaviour by imposing our will onto them, which usually confuses or even breaks a dog.” Cape Times.

“Pam is turning the dog training fraternity upside down. Proof of the success of Pam's reverse psychology lies in the two books and two video tapes that she has released. Her latest book, Living with an Alien is selling fast as local bookshops on an Australian TV channel has invited her to participate in a show. Dog behaviourists in the UK are also knocking at Pam's door for expert advice.” Southern Courier, Gauteng.

“Ms Whyte makes no secret of her disdain for the conventional obedience training methods to which most of us are accustomed, nor does she agree with restricting our canine companions food intake. Her ideas are quite definite and many of her approaches are quite unusual, making for most interesting reading and providing answers to many questions that plague dog owners.” Animal Talk.

“Pam shows dog owners how to overcome behaviour problems by outlining practical guidelines to overcome them. She does this chiefly by showing the family how to help their dog adapt to his life-style and how to communicate in his own pack-tongue. This may sound deranged to the ignorant ear, but once explained, sounds a more positive bet than communicating through a host of often-aggressive commands. Pam encourages one to shift one's perspective and to get a “dog's eye view”, advice that will enhance the pleasure of dog owning.” The Citizen.

“Ideal Guide has humorous tone. Through more appropriate communication techniques, the confusion, which often prompts naughty behaviour, will be eradicated. The book is peppered with assertions about doggy behaviour which may not be the solutions you are expecting to find, but take heart – these culture shocks may produce startling results.” The Citizen

“Too much stress is placed on what dogs look like and making them do as they are told, instead of helping adjust to the culture shock of domestication.” Cape Times – To-day.

“Send right signals to mutt from mars …You need top apply the very simple principles of pack communication, so that what you say to your dog becomes congruent with what he hears. once you understand your dog, your enjoyment of him will increase, and your relationship with him will be enriched.” The Star.

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