Fed Up With Fierce Dogs

Tanya Nel

What was supposed to have been a pleasant visit with an old friend over the weekend, turned wrong when Mr Boet Visser, 48, from Grootfontein was attacked by his friend's 4 Pitbulterriers.
According to the dog's owner, Mr. Rocky Bruwer, Mr Visser arrived at his house just after 5 pm on Saturday. Mrs. Elizabeth Bruwer was alone at home. To prevent the dogs from getting on to the road, Mr. Bruwer had a double gate system installed on his property. Mr. Visser entered the first gate, and while he was trying to close the second gate behind him, one dog bit him, then the other dogs stormed him, knocked him down, and attacked his throat.
Mrs. Bruwer was incapable of bringing the dogs under control, and called her daughter to help. They held the dogs while Mr. Visser tried to get out by the gate. They phoned Mr. Bruwer to take his friend to hospital in Tsumeb. Apparently the dogs were still hyped from Saturday afternoon's incident that they bit a man on the leg who came to visit Mr. Bruwer's daughter that same evening.
The Terriers which are about 2 years old, according to Mr Bruwer, have no previous history of biting. "They are wonderful dogs. I raised them myself, and something like this has never happened before". Mr Bruwer was frustrated and does not know what to do. "I have already phoned a behaviour therapist psychologist in Johannesburg twice to get information with regards to this incident". He is now considering putting the female who bit Mr Visser first, down.

Fierce Dogs Rehabilitated.

Tanya Nel

Four Pitbulterriers that attacked 2 people at Kombat about a week ago have been rehabilitated by Pam Whyte, a natural dog trainer from Johannesburg. Their rehabilitation was made so much easier because they were first time offenders. Pam was invited by the dog's owner, Mr. Rocky Bruwer to come to Namibia after his dog had bitten his friend, Mr. Boet Visser and another man the previous Saturday to assist him with his dogs.
The rehabilitation process took about five days, after which the dogs were a lot calmer and showed no more signs of aggression. Pam stayed in the house with the Bruwers and their dogs, and visitors were able to come in and out of the gate safely, with the dogs greeting them instead of attacking them.
Pam explained that the dogs' predatory instincts had been activated by the hunger caused by dieting, and by the certain actions of the owners which unwittingly caused the dogs to perceive the visitors as prey by causing adrenalin surges in the dogs. Which basically sums up the scientific reasons for all "out of the blue" dog attacks on children, visitors and family members. Once the dogs' hunger was alleviated, and the source of adrenalin was identified, the dogs lost their urge to attack, and became totally trustworthy. (Except to burglars.)

[Appendix. Mrs. Bruwer phoned Pam 5 years later to tell her that the dogs never attacked again - except once - to protect them against an intruder.]

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