Common Dog Problems

Aggression and Biting

Dogs bite for a number of reasons - jealousy, fear, predation, lack of trust, hunger, over toys, domination, arrogance, brattishness, short fuse, for example. Natural Dog Training identifies the root cause of the dog's aggression, and removes his very desire to bite - making him completely trustworthy. A dog that obeys commands not to attack, cannot be trusted when the authority figure is absent, because commands do not remove the urge to bite or attack. Every family needs to have access to information on how to own a dog that is trustworthy with their family, guests and passers-by on the street - yet still protects them efficiently.

Over 35 years of research that has been conducted within the dogs' own home environment has enabled Pam to establish just what triggers aggression - and therefore how to defuse it successfully and permanently. Through achieving a deep understanding of what motivates a dog to bite, Pam is able to show owners how to cure it in a stress free way that keeps the dog's trust - which treating symptoms alone, and trying to impose our own logic onto the dog can never do.

Pam’s demo video, Before and After Speaking Dog Language, very clearly demonstrates this control that dog owners can achieve over aggressive dogs through treating the actual cause of the problem. And you can learn these proven techniques through her book, booklets, home training kit, or by calling her in.

Shifting our perspective, and using techniques that look at ourselves through the eyes of the dog, instead of vice versa, has successfully cured aggression in killer Pit Bulls, as well as in ankle nippers - and all degrees of aggression in between.

Natural Dog Training has a proven solution. Pam’s house calls, Living with an Alien, her home training kit, booklet on curing behavior problems all give you the answers.

New Research Findings, 2008:

Disproving the “Alpha Training” myth.

These extracts from scientific Conservation and Environmental journals are in direct dichotomy to the academic journals and conventional dog training that promote the winning of dog fights as a criterion for "leadership". These studies have been conducted on packs of wild dogs where harmony exists because there are no famine conditions, and there is no human interference. Natural Dog Training achieves a very high success rate in curing aggression, when applying these natural principles.


1) Extract from: African Wildlife Foundation:


African wild dogs live in packs of six to 20. The aggression exhibited towards prey is completely nonexistent between members of the pack and there is little intimidation among the social hierarchy."


2) Extract from: "Social Behaviour. [Carnivora Species Information.]


"The reason wild dogs do not act aggressively to assert rank may be due to the fact that the entire social system is so cooperative-dependent that if one should be injured, the pack would be less effective in hunting for food. An African wild dog pack is dependent upon abundant food, and only one pair breeds, and those puppies are dependent on their parents for such a long period of time, that cooperation is a necessity. So, instead of an active hierarchy, they have a passive hierarchy, with cooperation being emphasized rather than dominance."


On the other hand, because dogs learn by example, long term studies in the homes of dogs that have been so-called “Alpha trained” by being dominated and made to submit reveal that dogs that these dogs in turn, dominate other dogs, visitors, children, etc.

Alpha training is therefore one of the main causes of aggression and dog fights in domestic dogs, and is easily reversed by following Nature's blueprint for harmony between members of a social unit.

Below is a copy of an article that Pam Whyte wrote for Men's Health:

Hound a bad dog

The basics
1. Animals are not all humane. Don’t imagine this dog is after you to play ball.
2. If you panic, you ignite his hunting instincts.
3. Dogs look for the weak spot. If you’re in distress, you’re food.

The details:
To make sure you don’t become doggie’s little bone, the best strategy is to climb a tree. Standing still and staring him down is not guaranteed to stifle his attack. If he is stronger than you, you’ll only incite him further. If he is attacking you, it means that he has honed into your weakness.

Mad-dog options: If you do what is natural you will get what is natural - a bite out of your butt cheek. Without flight, aggression or positive resistance, the instinct to attack is reduced. If you are cornered by a powerful dog and can’t get away, as a last resort, drop to your knees and curl into a ball with your hands laced over your head.

Adapted from Preventing and Curing Aggression in the Domestic Pet, by Pam Whyte.

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