Common Dog Problems

Digging and Chewing

Dogs digging in the garden, chewing plants, carpets, furniture and possessions are becoming increasingly frequent. Dog owners are usually led to believe that this is just "puppy behaviour, the dog is teething and he will grow out of it". If this were true, owning dogs would be virtually impossible. We might as well keep piranha fish in our swimming pool.

When we bring up our pups according to the natural principles that Pam teaches, it is not unusual for them never to dig or chew possessions. And when we understand why a dog is doing these things, and then remove the root cause of destructive behaviour, the success rate is very high. Because destructive behaviour is an adrenalin-related problem, dogs that are destructive usually bark excessively as well. So in order to have a deeper understanding of this problem, you can pay a little visit to the section on "excessive barking" and learn some more from there.

So why not save your garden, your possessions, your money, your sanity, your dog, and perhaps even your marriage by contacting Pam – she would love to help you, as she has so many other dog owners and their pets.

Natural Dog Training has a proven solution. Time and again, Pam hears: “my dog never dug, chewed, again after you did behaviour training with him!”



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