Common Dog Problems

Not Listening / Disobedience

Commanding dogs has become as much a part of our Western civilization as disobedient dogs. Because dogs in the wild do not command each other, domestic dogs (who still retain their original pack instincts) are therefore not designed to receive commands. Which explains why dogs disobey. Quite simply, they do not understand us, and commanding a dog works from the false premise that our dog understands us and is being very bad by deliberately disobeying us - and must therefore be subordinated.

Dogs do, however, have the capacity to learn words, and even sentances, provided they are not directed emotionally (i.e. combined with anger) at the dog. This causes dogs to perceive them as a challenge, and instead of hearing words, their instincts compel them to rise to the challenge, which we mere humans interpret as disobedience. This is demonstrated very clearly in the Before and After Learning Dog Language Home Move.

But when we shift our perspective, and look at ourselves through the eyes of the dog instead of vice versa, there is no need for verbal arsenal ("being firm" is just another way of losing your temper), because your dog will understand you immediately. When someone doesn’t understand you, saying it louder isn’t going to help.

The demo video Before and After Speaking Dog Language demonstrates all this so clearly. You even see dogs deliberately trying to provoke commands out of their owners (because of the power it gives them from making someone react), then giving up "being naughty" when it no longer works for them. And the numerous letters that Pam receives from deeply grateful dog owners also demonstrates how well these simple principles work. (And you can be sure that their dogs are also hugely grateful for being understood.)

Dog training schools that use the Language of the Pack as opposed to imposing human logic onto dogs have a far higher success rate (no dog has ever been "expelled") and they all complete their course in three weeks.

Most of the dog owners report back after the first session that their dogs are already better behaved at home.

Dogs are not stupid. They are also not disobedient. They are confused. So if we are supposed to be the more intelligent of the two species - cano-sapeins and homo-not-so-sapiens - it therefore makes total sense to cross the communication crevasse ourselves, and communicate with dogs on their level.

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