Common Dog Problems

Pulling On The Lead

When a dog decides to pull, it can be very hard to control. For the less strong members of your family this may mean they can never take the dog for a walk. This denies the pleasure of walking the dog to some of the family, while to others it becomes a chore.

Fortunately this behaviour is easily changed. Natural Dog Training demonstrates to dog owners that the dog does not know he is pulling his owner - he thinks his owner is chasing him. Choker chains, pinch collars, harness etc all work from the "dogs pulling their owners" misperception, and therefore can only "work" through discomfort, pain or force. When the correct equipment is used, which does not unintentionally send signals to the dog that inform him that he is being chased - the immediate results are remarkable. Pam's patented invention, “Don't be a Dope on a Rope" dog leads and her book: Walking your Dog on a Lead the (Very) Easy Way, come with a CD, and show you how to stop your dog pulling, simply and naturally. The dramatic change in a dog that is being walked on this equipment can be seen clearly on the CD and the video clip on the Leads page.

Sound too good to be true? Sometimes all that is needed is for us simply to look at something familiar from a new angle. Dog Training the Natural Way shows you how to look at your dog with fresh eyes. And therefore, how to get fresh results.

Do you dare to let go your misbeliefs that are clearly not working, and learn a new paradigm shift, that will change your and your dog's life! Your dog will thank you for it. (And your neighbours won't believe their eyes.)

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