Common Dog Problems

Running Out Of The Gate

If your dog bolts at every opportunity, you'll know what nuisance and worry is caused.

One solution to stop a dog running away is to cage your pet in, adopt elaborate precautions to keep the dog from the outside world, and put them into effect every time the doorbell rings, your gate is opened, guests arrive, or someone in your family goes out, or comes home. Another is to instill him with fear of punishment, and make him obey when you command him to stay. Unfortunately, in the long run, this frequently causes greater problems than it solves, as the forbidden is always exciting.

A better, more lasting, solution would be to understand what is compelling your dog to do this – and remove the compulsion. Through treating the cause of the problem rather than the symptom (which is far easier than you could ever imagine! Yes, even your dog!), Natural Dog Training will show you how to reverse the situation, so that you have a gate/friendly dog. I.e a dog to whom the street does not represent freedom and hunting thrills. To whom the gate is simply not an issue.

Natural Dog Training removes the dog’s urge to bolt in an amazingly short time. Frequently during a training session, Pam hears the words "Someone has left he gate open, and look - the dog hasn’t even run out!" In other words, it can start working immediately you start applying Natural Dog Training principles.

Don’t believe it? Try it! Like all the thousands of other dog owners who have tried it - you will be delighted with the results! Just follow the simple Natural Dog Training package, and your dog will suddenly start seeing things differently, and won’t want to bolt any more. It is as easy as suddenly finding where the car’s breaks are. The change in the car is amazing! As simple as that.

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