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Choosing, Rearing, Housetraining and Socialising your new Puppy Ebook, plus electronic copy of
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Choosing, Rearing, Housetraining and Socialising your new Puppy ebook.

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The solution to behaviour problems is not to  be found IN the box....

so you need to learn how dogs perceive our actions from... OUTSIDE the box. Then owning an obedient dog is, well, childsplay!



    An understood dog is a happy dog.

         An understood owner is a

                  happy owner!






     Dog owning is a two-way relationship.

             We take the trouble

         to understand our dog and

               to meet his needs.

    He in return, lives by our ground

          rules and   protects us -

         his leader and his family.

           And that is when this

     dual-species relationship works

         -        both for us,

              and  for our dog....

       not when we coerce them

                into submission,

          spray them in the face

             with a spray bottle

     or make them perceive us as a

     mere resource by bribing them.




"It isn't what we don't

  know that gives us


      – it's what we      

   think we know...

      but it ain't so."

Will Rogers (Humorist 1879

                    - 1935)




       Experience is knowledge.

       Albert Einstein.






           Pam's contact details:

         Cell 27 083 485 5369;

     Email: pam@TrustWorthyDogs.com.











































Socialising puppies is toted by the mainstream dog professionals and media as the "prevention and cure-all" for disobedience, destructive behaviour, behavioural problems, etc. for all new pups. You have heard it over and over. In fact you have probably heard it so often that you believe it unquestioningly. Which is how propaganda works.

Something is not authomatically true just because lots of people are saying it. Once upon a time everyone was saying the earth was flat. In fact scientists are still replacing what were once regarded as scientific facts with "new findings".

Marketing uses propaganda to give concepts or products credibility merely through repetition. People fall for it all the time. Which is why they do it. And keep on doing it...

Our puppies are very precious to us. Much more precious to us than to those who sell dog toys, treats, highly processed (and therefore lacking in vital enzymes, phyto's etc. and usually tasteless) dog food, electric collars, spray bottles to squirt our furry children in the face with, crates to lock them up in.... using a marketing system that Tupperware found so successful. (Clever.)

But how do these group gatherings where everyone gets together to part with their money actually impact on our precious furry childrens' psyche - and therefore their behaviour = in their own homes, and ultimately, their long term quality of living? This information in not even remotely included in their agenda's. And how much, in fact, do the employees of the system (usually young girls who love but do not understand dogs but are just filling their gap year) - actually know about a pup's finely tuned mind and instincts, how they naturally communicate, what is going on in their heads and in their homes, and how their instincts function? Zero.

This vital information is of no interest to the puppy socialising system. It looks jolly good on the surface to the moms and dads of all these fur-toddlers, their precious kids tht they are so proud of playing together so nicely (and sometimes not so nicely - quite often, in fact) at play school. However - they missed something... pups in the wild don't go visiting. The whole concept is foreighn to their instincts, and worse... they bond with their fur-buddies whom they are not going to see all week and therefore grieve for them - home has become by contrast, devastatingly different and dull. These gatherings have destabalized the pup's impressionable young mind. The pup has formed a false reality-check and the result is confusion, frustration and therefore, behaviour problems..

So what is the solution then? Trying to compensate for going to work all day, for domestiating dogs, for small properties... only ends up showing our pets what they can't have. Whereas, learning to understand our dogs and helping them adjust to their families, to their life style and to their environment creates contentment - and contented dogs don't have behaviour problems. Which are all a very large part of Dog and Puppy Training Nature's Way - and of Pam's book on peaceful coexistence with our fourleged family members -Living with an Alien.

There is so much more to a puppy than "being cute"... Which is why they have so much personality, and therefore, potential for behaviour problems.... Underestimating them can become just another form of emotional abuse.

So what then, is the agenda behind puppy socialising? The "puppy trainers" are sales people who are trained to "accessorize" puppies - not to educate families - targetting the vulnerability of the new puppy owner who just wants to "do the right thing" -- The result? Beause pups get frustrated and stressed in between puppy training sessions, now their families "need" the spray bottles, cllickers, treats, crates, electric collars, don't they? Do they work? Well, you wouldn't need to be enrolled in the obedience classes if they did - would you? And does that work? Do good dogs go to training, or naugty dogs? We know which, and dogs learn by example.... So once your dog has added barking at other dogs, biting, fighting... to his repotoire, you then "need"... Lets just say that you are now a "well trained consumer". (Likely needing Prozac for yourself as well.) 

The International Institute for Canine Mental Health has done this long term research for you. And these are the facts that new pupy owner are not informed about. Does a dealer in sports cars tell you about the dangers of speeding - or.... how fast their cars can go? In the same way, dog owners are not told about the affect that being dominated and traumatized by pups that are that are bigger than your furry baby, and who are pumped full of adrenalin... has on a young pup's innnocent, impressionable (and precious) mind? Being roughed up by a another pup (or by the trainers themselves trying to "show who's boss") ...has an ongoing affect on the minds, the personalities, the quality of living and therefore the behaviour of countless dogs.

All puppy owners are told when they try to rescue their pup is "Let them sort it out." Which is the same as telling a parent whose child is being bullied that he or she must defend themselves from psychopathic bullies who are causing them serious physical and psychological harm. Dogs cannot speak up, so this insensitive and sometimes actually abusive practice goes unquestioned.

And what about the bullies themselves? You may have a Great Dane or a Rottie or even a breed like a Ridgeback that can look after themselves having a wonderful time, while either wittingly or unwittingly overwhelming and even terrifying smaller Yorkies, Poodles, Daschunds....

This is not natural. In the wild all pups in a litter are similar strength and equal age. Toy and smaller breeds are artificially bred that way. And there is a vast difference in maturity and development between pups of, say, 6 weeks and 10 weeks old.

Well, once again - the news is not always good. These pups have such a ball at puppy school that home becomes boring in comparison to the "puppy theme park". The offices of behaviour consultants are bombarded with the owners of dogs that are destructive, hyperactive, disobedient, bark constantly.... "even though they have been to puppy socialising". It is very clear that the dogs that were so-called "socialised" as puppies have far more behavioural issues than those who weren't.

Pups that actually enjoy all the action and stimulation of puppy classes, miss it during the week - which frustrates and therefore stresses them. So we see paw licking, excessive barking, hyperactiveness, tearing up gardens, carpets and furniture... all creating a market for citronella oil, calming collars, calming coats, tranquilizers, and tragically - having their bark cut out and crates... And - which is the whole idea behind this unnatural system.. behaviour therapy - which is not a profession, because it simply markets drugs and gimmicks that treat superficial symptoms, but never removes the actual cause of behaviour problems

Puppies going to parties and on play dates with other puppies in forgien packs does not occur in Nature. They do not leave their home turf until they are adult. When they are about 6 months old, they then have "puppy sitting" duties while the adults go hunting. Only when they are mature do they actually leave the perimeters of their territory and go hunting with the other adults. But - and this is a big BUT - our dogs do need to have a correct frame of reference for other dogs, a correct perspective on the world "out there" and to get rid of cabin fever. In other words, to get out from time to time. In Nature there is constant stimulation and no solid boundaries like concrete walls that shut them off from reality.

So the way to give our pups (all important - in fact, vital - but totally overlooked by the mainstream dog system) mental health without overstimulating, overwhelming, or confusing them is laid out in the Puppy Socializing eBook. Mentally healthy dogs do not have behaviour problems! That is so important that I am going to say it again: Mentally healthy dogs do not have behaviour problems!

This carefully researched information has been subjected to long term quality control tests within the dogs' own homes, in many countries, and prevents behaviour problems, making our furry kids much easier to control - and therefore much happier, so that they grow up automatically obedient - Nature's Way. It makes sense to use the original instruction manual - and not the marketing one:


Dear Pam,

I took Bonnie to our local vet’s puppy socialising She is an absolute pain to get her to relax around visitors when we get them. Especially excitable around young children and she doesn't know her own strength. 

She plays overly hard with Kitty and gets excited beyond control when she spots the cat. Her only toys that lasted longer than 2 days are tennis balls. She dominates my old dog, my daughter (3 yrs), and granny. She is jealous when I play with my daughter or feed my son (4   Months), then she runs off with their toys, and if we don't rescue them, will chew them up. She barks especially at night when I want to watch a movie. Hardly ever listens when being called by any of us, unless we show that we have something edible for her. She destroys the garden, digging holes, plants out and bites through pipes daily. 

She doesn't listen and still does whatever she wants even though she knows it's wrong, ie jumping up to grab some food of the table right next to where we sit..

She pulls extremely hard on her lead. It's impossible for me to handle her. 

My cleaning lady has to put Bonnie outside or in different room to be able to clean the house because she can't resist the brooms and dusters etc. 

My daughter is constantly scared of her. Granny is also wary as she playfully bites her when she sees her, which hurts her.   This morning she knocked my daughter over and nipped her on her face. Help! Tracey.



All puppies are born with an inbuilt desire to please their leader for the purpose of survival because unity is strength. All we have to do is learn how to tap into this potential and unleash their desire to please! It's that simple. It is humans who complicates things:


Dear Pam,

About a month ago I bought your dog training home kit in anticipation of the arrival of a 2 month old puppy in our home. I must confess that I was skeptical at first, but a friend of mine strongly recommended your book 'Living with an Alien'. So I sent off for your kit and received it a day or two later.

I had read all about the legendary stubborness of the Chesapeakes and their destructive ability in the home. So I was a bit worried. Most of the 'experts' recommended that at least 1 year of obedience training (including puppy socialization classes) would be necessary to turn it into a good canine citizen.

Nevertheless, from day 1 I applied your program and was simply amazed at the results. Three weeks later I have a calm, placid, happy pup that demonstrates a remarkable degree of maturity for his tender age. He has not destroyed anything nor has he demonstrated any degree of stubborness. Just an eagerness to please. He is extremely polite. On approaching a doorway he stands aside and allows me to enter first. I did not teach him this. It just came naturally. He is quite 'mouthy' but does not bite our hands. My 4 year old daughter has also learnt how to control him when she wants him to leave her alone. Your method really works! I have jettisoned all ideas of obedience training and puppy socialization. They are not necessary. It is as if someone switched a light on, dispelling all the confusion and misinformation about dogs and dog training.

I suspect that the Chesapeake's cycle of stubborness and destructiveness works like this: new owner hears from 'experts' that obedience training is mandatory. Obedience training leads to stubborness and destructiveness, which leads to more obedience training, which leads to etc, etc. Thanks again, Eric.




When our pups understand us, and we understand how they think, what is potting in their heads and what they are trying to tell us by learning to understand them - instead of merely ordering them around, (and worse, dominating, shouting at, spraying and punishing them for not understanding us) we are then able to both prevent and cure every type of behavior problem dog owners ever experience with their pets - without so much as raising either your hand, your voice or even pointing your finger... which is rude. And dogs know it, and retaliate either by growling, nipping, snapping, or later in a way you won't recognise without the knowledge of how our dogs' instincts function and how they naturally communicate...

When our pups undertand us, we are able to control them without any effort, practicing or applying endless patience at all! Does this sound too fantastic? Just too good to be true? It is not magic - it is logic. Dog Language is Nature's gift to our four legged children - which we can share with them.


Which (up until now) you know nothing about. Hence the "need" for abusive spray bottles, crates, being "firm" and all the latest flavours of the month gimmicks whick try to impose human logic ont our pets, and. which confuse them yet further....

Dear Pam,

I've already started reading through the information that Paul has send to me, I really like the things that I've read and I know that is the way that I want to rear my new puppy. I'm also excited to try these things on my parents dog! He is a bullmastiff, I was “thrown out” of puppy school with him and after that I knew I didn't want to take my new puppy to one of these schools.

What puppies need is:

* To be confident;

* To know how to behave appropriately around other dogs - as long as the other dogs know how to behave appropriately - which is becoming increasingly rare, as dog owners are being exposed to more and more misinformation that profits the dog behaivour system;

*To adapt to his/her lifestyle, so that you can be proud of the way he/she  behaves;

* To know the difference between right and wrong without being told;

* To fit in with his/her family;

* To be understood;

* To have his/her needs thoroughly met;

* To respect, to trust and to appreciate, as well as love you;

* To have peace of mind;

* To have total confidence.

These natural principles bring harmony between pups and their families, and their other pets by socialing them in their own homes, using Pam's own canine associate, Josephien, who is highly trained to leads by example - the way dogs do in the wild. projeting her calm behaviour onto her "pupils" as she mentors them. She is very skilled and aware of what she is doing as she uses her pre-Stone Age intuition and passes on information to the mere humans =not unlike guide and sniffer dogs. It is an awesome experience watching her.

No pup is the same after she has imprinted on them good manners good behaviour - and more. It is kind, quick and involves no domination force, commands or bribing, or gimmicks like clickers, crates or bribing - and certainly no trauma from spray bottles or (highly abusinve) "alpha rolls".

Don't believe me? Try it! This intelligent alternative is extremely informative and fascinating, and has worked for so many new puppy owners globally, in the same way that it worked for Eric!




And you need:

*To enjoy your dog;

*To have proper control over your dog;

*To be proud of your dog's behaviour;

*To have a new pup and to not need to clean carpets, floors....

*To be able to get sleep when the new pup arrives;

*To own a dog that is adaptable and fits in with you and your lifestyle;

*And that has his full personality and character potential developed;

*Protection. Protection is not aggression. It is loyalty.

*To save on vet and feeding bills, time and energy;


...which the Puppy Socialising Ebook teaches you. Living with an Alien by Pam Whyte teaches you how to communicate with your dog correctly and easily (in a natural and totally non-gimmicky way) - as well as how to cure any behavioural problems that may have already developed.

Details on how to obtain this eBook are at the top of the page in the left hand column.


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