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There are not many magazines and newspapers in South Africa that have not either quoted Pam Whyte, written about her work, or published articles written by her. She has also had many magazine columns and radio and TV chat shows.

Among the media who have reported on her ground breaking work are: Reader's Digest, Mail and Guardian, Femina, Living and Loving, Your Baby, You, Huisgenoot, Australian Country Living, Huisgenoot, London Times, Rapport, Die Burger, You, Your Family, Men's Health, Argus, Cape Times, Sunday Times, Community papers in South Africa, Europe and London, Star, Tribune, Australian Country Living, Renaisance, South African Country Living, (and yes - Scope and Personality.)

Pam Whyte has also appeared on many radio shows, TV Magazine and Breakfast shows both locally and overseas, including Carte Blanche and 50/50, alongside the horse whisperer.






























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Dog Whisperer, Pam Whyte-Recent news item - Rapport





"Dog Language not Greek to this Dog Whisperer."

By Elise-Marie Tancred.


Some of her aggressive clients weigh more than her, but Dog Whisperer, Pam Whyte does not have a scared hair on her head.

Pam Whyte is an internationally known Natural Dog Trainer from Somerset West whose job is to rehabilitate problem dogs. It is her passion, according to Pam Whyte, for dogs to be better understood so that we can see less behaviour problems in our pet dogs.

Amongst her many successful clients are 4 American Pit Bulls who attacked an adult male so badly that his leg had to be amputated. Another of their victims was nearly bitten to death after they gripped him around the neck. Today all four Pit Bulls are as tame as lambs and according to the owners, after Pam Whyte's work, the dogs have shown no aggression towards friends and family. But they protected their family when it was needed. How does she do it? She answers very quickly. "I think like a dog".

Even as a child she knew she was different to the others. "I can't explain how but I intuitively knew what dogs were thinking and saying. I could tune into their wavelength." At school already the children spoke of Pam's special talent. "Nobody was scared of dogs if I was around" she says.

Pam Whyte, who has been studying dog behaviour, wolf behaviour and wild dog behaviour for many years, and is still learning every day, bases her observations on wild dogs and wolves. "There are certain things that happen long before a dog is going to attack, which frequently do not involve any signs of outward hostility. I teach people to read these 'jungle' signs," she says.

Pam Whyte points out that it is a big mistake to try and turn dogs into humans, like trying to give them bikini waistlines. "In nature dogs hunt when they are hungry. Dogs sum up their territory differently to humans and to live successfully with them we need to know how packs function as a team."

Pam Whyte explains how dog behaviour is also based on hierarchical principles and the owner must be seen as the trusted leader. Dogs cannot trust a leader that dominates or pins them down, because in the wild unity is strength - and domination and submission are division.
Those who teach these abusive patterns are more concerned about their ego than harmony between dogs and their families. Only when dogs are synergizing and supporting one another do they show loyalty, love and defense for their other pack members.

Dog Whisperer, Pam Whyte, a TV and radio personality and author, has written articles for the British Medical Journal and in organizations like the British Child Accident Prevention Trust, The Holistic Vet Association in California and addressed the French Guide Dog Association. She also helped after the war in Bosnia by replacing positive and negative reinforcement with correct communication when training dogs to detect land mines more accurately.

People are obsessed these days about how they look, and dogs then become an extension of themselves. As a result, dogs must also have the "right" shape and a lot of aggressive dogs are merely very hungry, she points out. People need to decide whether they prefer a properly nourished dog that they can control, or a child at risk of being bitten by a dog with a short fuse. (Aren't we all a bit cranky when we are hungry!) Other problems like destructive behaviour and barking for nothing are also frequently a result of the dog not getting sufficient food for his own individual life style and requirements.

Dogs can enrich our lives so much, but we need to learn more about the species before we can get maximum control, and pleasure out of them.

And only through studying wild dogs in their natural habitat is this possible, which explains dog whisperer Pam Whyte's phenomenal success in training domestic dogs Nature's Way.

Elise-Marie Tancred.
Cape Town.

And what does the Holistic Veterinary Profession have to say about Dog Whisperer, Pam Whyte?

According to Dr. Hofve, Holistic Vet, USA - "Never mind the Dog Whisperer, Pam Whyte is the real deal."


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New Research Findings, 20012:

Disproving the “Alpha Training” myth.


1) Extract from: "Social Behaviour". [Carnivora Species Information.] 

"The reason wild dogs do not act aggressively to assert rank may be due to the fact that the entire social system is so cooperative-dependent that if one should be injured, the pack would be less effective in hunting for food. An African wild dog pack is dependent upon abundant food, and only one pair breeds, and those puppies are dependent on their parents for such a long period of time, that cooperation is a necessity. So, instead of an active hierarchy, they have a passive hierarchy, with cooperation being emphasized rather than dominance."


Extract from: African Wildlife Foundation:


African wild dogs live in packs of six to 20. The aggression exhibited towards prey is completely nonexistent between members of the pack and there is little intimidation among the social hierarchy.


These extracts from scientific Conservation and Environmental journals are in direct dichotomy to the academic journals and conventional dog training that promote the winning of dog fights as a criterion for "leadership". These studies have been conducted on packs of wild dogs where harmony exists because there are no famine conditions, and there is no human interference. Natural Dog Training achieves a very high success rate in curing aggression, when applying these natural principles.


On the other hand, because dogs learn by example, long term studies in the homes of dogs that have been so-called “Alpha trained” by being dominated and made to submit reveal that dogs that these dogs in turn, dominate other dogs, visitors, children, etc.

Alpha training is therefore one of the main causes of aggression and dog fights in domestic dogs, and is easily reversed by following Nature's blueprint for harmony and gentleness (true "whispering") between members of a social unit.


All behaviour problems, curing dog fights, barking problems, disobedience, pulling on the lead, urinating, messing and generally going to the toilet inside/ indoors, chasing cats, running out of the gate, chewing, digging, destructive behaviour.... makings beyond obedient. They cooperate out of choice. Your wish becomes their command because that is the way it works in the wild.

Dogs don't command each other.  

Dog Whisperer Pam Whyte trains dogs the Natural Way throughout South Africa, in all areas, such as: Western Cape, Somerset West, Stellenbosch, Gordons Bay, Cape Town, Hermanus, Table View, Durbanville, Brackenfell, Eastern Cape, Gauteng, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, Northern Cape, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Natal, Kommetjie, Noordhoek, Paarl, Tulbach, Ceres, Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth, East London, Knysna, George, Hermanus, Pringle Bay Betty's Bay.... UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India....


True Dog Whispering [which is neither artificial nor generic] involves communicating with dogs on their own level without the use of anything artificial like commands' choker chains, bribing, punishing, spraying with spray bottles, muzzles, crates.... which gives dogs the peace of mind and security which comes from being understood. And dogs that have peace of mind and security do not have behaviour problems.

These gentle dog whispering methods cure all behaviour problems, like fighting,  dog aggression, running out of the gate, chewing, digging, biting people, messing inside, dog fights, disobedience, hyperactive dogs, disobedient, unruly, destructive dogs, pulling on the lead, urinating and going to the toilet indoors...

Once you have learnt what is potting in your dog's head, and what your dog is trying to say to you - so that he understands what you have been trying to say to him - all "disobedience" and "behaviour problems" automtically go.

It's not magic - it's logic. Because for the purpose of survival, dogs are born good. Dog whispering keeps them that way - cooperating with and protecting their leader. Who - again, for the purpose of survival, doesn not dominate, but - like all good leaders - leads by example. There is therefore no such thing as a naughty dog - only a misunderstood - and therefore - a confused dog.


            A Dog Makes a House a Home - Pam makes a Dog a Pleasure!

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