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Here are some bits 'n bites and bon mots (that all goes toward making dog owning easier - and that your dog would love you to know) for the more academically minded written by Horst von Steinmetz and Paul Anderson:

Pam Whyte's breakthrough research into the behaviour of wild dog and the domestic doghas been recognised by such institutions as: RSPCA UK; SPCA RSA' Animal Protection Institute USA; Veterinary Universities; Anglia Survival UK; The Plastic Surgeon's Association RSA; Child Accident Prevention Society UK; Conservationists in Africa; University de Nancy France; Paneikon Italy; Wild dog Productions; Guide Dogs Ass. France; Holistic Veterinarians USA and Medical Research scientists in New Zealand.


Pam's work on dog communication has been published widely. Dogs are her mentor, and she shares the secrets that they have let her into willingly with dog owners around the world. She has frequently been on  radio and television; she has had her own chat shows and columns, and been published in numerous publications locally and overseas. The London Times said that Pam's work "provides a much needed new approach to dog owning." Her alternative natural dog training methods have successfully cured vicious Pit Bulls of aggression. Pam Whyte has saved countless dogs from losing their homes and from being euthanased by veternarians and animal welfare organisations. She has also saved many innocent people - particularly children - from dog attacks, which according to statistics are increasing.

Her work on dog behaviour involves studying and teaching pack behaviour in the wolf, the wild dog and in the domestic dog; consulting with behaviour therapists, veterinarians, dog trainers and conservationists; giving workshops at dog training schools where conventional methods are not working; vital breakthrough research into such subjects as non verbal communication within a close knit communal system; feeding dogs for temperament; writing books on the Language of the Pack; achieving a deep understanding of the dog's innate instincts and the Rhythm of the Wild; guest lecturing at Universities and Institutions on dog behaviour and dog communication; assisting families globally to understand and therefore to control their dogs easily and naturally, as well as to keep children safe from the trauma of dog bites.

Because Pam Whyte is able to achieve results that the mainstream dog system cannot even dream of, her work unfortunately inspires a lot of jealousy. Pam therefore, like all successful innovators has been subjected to a lot of jealousy, hostility and smear campaigns.

Unlike the mainstream behaviour therapists who gained their qualifications through studying dog (and rat) behaviour in laboratories, Pam Whyte's research has been conducted on the (spontaneous) behaviour of the wild and the domestic dog, within the environment in which they live.  

Professor Reinhold Bergler states in his book: Man and Dog, the Psychology of a Relationship:

“Since the dawn of mankind, animals have always played an important part in the complex scheme of human relationships...A psychology that only studies behaviour under laboratory conditions, and then generalizes on the basis of these findings, can not lay claim to scientific credibility or indeed to any practical social relevance….”

Pam's background in the social sciences therefore enables her to give the service to the families that they are seeking. I.e. - to teach them how to live in harmony with their pets by learning how to control them kindly and easily. Her methods therefore appeal to the intelligent and open minded dog owner who is seeking to get to know their pet through entering into a closer relationship and forming a deeper bond with them. The more intelligent dog owner is finding thatlimiting dog behaviour to merely superficial Pavlovian react/counter-react responsesdegrades them owner into throwing things at their dogs or squirting them with water bottles, or into bribing them with so-called treats. This so called "negative and positive reinforcement" which was developed through working with rats in laboratories, and is then used on domestic pets - without ever actually been subjected to any quality control tests outside the laboratory in real life situations within the dogs' own homes. Where the success rate is proving to be abysmally low.

Her pioneering work with dogs is therefore unique, giving her results that clearly threaten the mainstream dog system. Which, unforttunately is what happens to all who introduce new paradym shifts that out perform the old ones. Mainstream obedience dog training imitates the drilling, force and giving orders which use fear to coerce dogs into submisssion - comes from the army. It has credibility - not through results, but through propagnda. As they say - "the more often people hear a lie, the more they believe it." When it doesn't work, instead of taking responsibility for the lack of results, dog trainers simply blame the dog owner, saying it not the dog's fault - it is theirs, and "expels" them, making them feel humiliated and a failure. This is all seen so clearly in Pam's revolutionary DVD - Before and After Learning Dog Language.

The secrets that Pam has learnt from the dogs are startling – but they produce the results that families are looking for, curing dog fights, excessive barking, chewing of possessions, chasing cats, digging the garden… in a far shorter space of time than giving commands, punishing, throwing things, bribing, distracting, dominating, clicking, clapping, squirting or shocking (the list gets longer) can ever hope to achieve.

Pam's natural studies are obviously going to differ vastly from those developed in artificial and contrived laboratories situations. But, learning how dogs are genetically programmed to behave has enabled her to achieve a vastly higher success rate than either Pavlovian or military methods can ever hope to achieve. .

Conservationists have also taught Pam that, contrary to popular teaching the leader dog does not dominate his pack! This is a widely held myth and is causing dogs to retaliate and to rebel, breaking down trust between dogs and their families and contributing to the escalating incidence behaviour problems in domestic dogs. Because unity in the wild is strength, the leader is the Captain of his team, and not a tyrant - so when he eats, they eat, and when he survives, they survive, etc. The desire to cooperate with his or her leader is built into every dog's DNA - but they have to recognise (and trust) their leader through identifying with the leader's leadership skills. Which are not included in the conventional dog training and behaviour therapy programmes. Pam Whyte teaches dog owners around the world how to work with and not against their dogs in order to achieve an astonishingly high success rate in a remarkably short time with very little effert. This she does through her workshops, home natural dog training, natural dog training books and home training DVD's. (Note that working together cooperatively does not mean "positive reinforcement". Cooperating with a leader involves both subtle and powerful techniques - and bribery is neither.)

Because Pam has studied in the human social sciences, she is well equipped to understand and to keep up with the changing needs of to-day's busy families. Unlike mainstream dog training, Pam Whyte not only includes the whole family in her dog training, but unlike the mainstream conventional dog training and behavioural modification - she also adopts the goals and priorities of the family, giving them a service that is tailor made for their own individual needs and circumstances. Shedoes not believe in the conventional "one size fits all" dog training, but rather adapts her programmes to suit each family that she helps. Dogs that live on farms, for instance, will not need the same training as dogs that live in flats; and families with children to cart and carry and supervise home work and birthday parties will also need a very different programme from those who have no children and all day to devote to their dogs. Each family needs a dog training programme that is unique to them, and that works for them.

Domestic staff and extended family are also all included in Pam's Natural Dog Training programmes.

In order to protect her privacy, and that of her family, Pam Whyte only seldom agrees to selected media interviews. She reaches dog owners globally through her website.




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