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Feeding for Temperament - Saving you (a lot) of money!

Independent Research Results, made available to the public by the Institute for Canine Mental Health

This next pro-family document gives you the all-important foundation to good behaviour, trustworthiness, protection, love, loyalty and affection - which is what we get dogs for. It brings harmony between dogs and their families, and between dogs and their siblings, through laying the foundations to healthy relationships by feeding them according to vital natural principles . It explains so clearly why behaviour problems are on the increase. This knowledge can save you a lot of money, and your pet an enormous amount of stress. Stress which dog owners - even though they adore their animals - are totally unaware of. Because dogs are aliens, and can't "tell" us. (Until you learn Dog Language, that is.) It will show you how to develop your dog's full personality and character potential.

With this information - we give you the edge. For a copy of the full research document, and/or free ebook on home cooking andrecipes for dogs, simply email: info@TrustworthyDogs.com, and it will be sent to you with pleasure, free of charge.

This is essential information that should be compulsory to all

dog owners and dog professionals, on how to own a sociable

and trustworthy pet, according to the natural principles that govern

all social behaviour - whether in the green, or the concrete jungle.

Every social system has to go through the three stages of

civilization before they can enter into, and enjoy healthy

relationships. In other words, show love, affection, loyalty and so

on to each other. But through viewing dogs only in laboratories and

in army situations, these essential principles are overlooked,

causing man and dog to be at loggerheads, instead of a pleasure to

one another. Actually unable to get into a healthy relationship

with each other. So no amount of training and disciplining

and commanding and "reinforcement" of any kind is going to change

the dog's behaviour. until these natural laws that govern "steps

to harmony" are adhered to. Which explains why artificial systems

have such a high failure rate.

We are ignoring these "jungle laws" at our cost. Not only costs

in replacing sprinkler systems, children's toys, new shoes, lawns,

vet bills, but also in time spent trying to make our dog obey, and

in putting in new lawn and shopping for new shoes. And it is costing

us dearly through not being able to enjoy our dog to the full.

The Institute's behind the scenes research reveals essential

information for all dog owners and dog experts on how ignoring

Nature's laws is actually affecting our dog's behaviour : "The biggest

killer of the domestic dog under three years of age is euthanasia as a result of behaviour problems" - American Veterinary Journal, USA; Behaviour Therapist in the UK and Reader's Digest SA; "87% of all dog owners admitted to experiencing behaviour problems with their dogs" from a study conducted by the Australian Medical Journal; according to Los Angeles Post - "every 40 seconds someone gets taken to hospital with a dog attack in the USA"; in South Africa, it is every few minutes; and "three million people get taken to hospital for dog attacks every year" in the UK - from the British Medical Journal. Time Magazine says: Man's Best Friend? Not any more! The Center for Disease Control Georgia says we are experiencing a dog aggression epidemic. As do Los Angeles Post, Reader's Digest and Time magazine - to mention a few.

With all the access that dog professionals have to the media with their talks, chat shows, columns, TV shows, Universities, journals... why is dog aggression actually increasing - and not decreasing? Because the dog system is ignoring essential natural principles that govern social behaviour. As a Western society, we are ignoring these vital "jungle laws" at our cost. And not only financially...

What is seriously lacking in our mainstream dog system is sensitivity to our dogs' needs and feelings. A dog cannot speak up for himself. So through observing dogs only in laboratories and under military (obedience training) conditions -instead of where they live and interact with their families, the mainstream dog professionals are out of touch with the needs of our pets, and withtheir families. This lack of sensitivity is causing dogs to try and draw attention to their stress through "being naughty".

This research material is as shocking as it is liberating. But it can be even more shocking for you not to read it. We take you on a trip, out of the laboratory, as well as into the wild, where you gain a far deeper understanding into how your dog's instincts and emotions function, and learn how to treat him as a valued family member.

Behaviour therapists around the world all state that aggression cannot be cured! Dog experts around the world all state that you must not leave a child alone with a dog! This is totally upractical advice. But then, they teach us to feed our dogs insufficient calories, keeping them in survival, and causing them to perceive children as prey! If a parent dog can be left alone with his or her puppies without killing them - then so can our dog be left alone with our children. Provided , that is that we follow the laws of nature and keep them out of survival, by feeding them more calories than they are using up! Which is exactly what the dog experts, who tell us that dog aggression cannot be cured, and that we must not leave children alone with dogs teach families not to do!

Putting our children at risk of dog attack, and struggling with their behaviour and having high vet bills is so completely unnecessary! So do yourself a really big favour (and your dog an even bigger one), by becoming informed as to what is actually going on behind the scenes, and obtain the thoroughly researched document on Feeding for Temperament from Pam. Without it, your life will be far more complicated than it need be.

Perhaps we would do well to heed the poet's words:

"A dog lying starving at his master's gate
Predicts the ruin of the state." William Blake.

Your dog is not just a body. He is Somebody. Here are just a few comments from dog owners after they had been told to put their dog on diet:

"Soon after putting our Rottweiller on diet, we were burgled, and we saw dog biscuits lying around our gate."

"We had a mother owl in our tree, and we and our children so enjoyed watching her rear her babies, and watching them learn to fly. Then we put our dog on diet, and he ate them all."

 "Soon after we put our dog on diet, he ate a rat that our neighbours had put poison down for. He suffered agony, and  we had massive vet bills."

"Our dog was always so good with our three year old daughter. Then he was put on diet, and soon after that he attacked her in her face while she was eating a biscuit. She is now scarred for life, she doesn't trust dogs any more, and we don't have Lilly any more."

Featured Testimonial:

"I have read the documentation that was attached to the mail and I am so surprised by what it all said and the funniest thing is that it is very logical and makes complete sense!

I believe the behavioral problems we have in our home stem from my restricting the dominant dogs food intake because she was getting overweight and I realize now that I have caused her problems by doing this.

Please can you send through the doggie recipe book because I would love to supplement her food intake with the right food to give her enough fuel to sustain her and keep her from going into hunt mode when she is starving.

Thank you for the information so far, we believe we can turn this dog around and make our home a happy and peaceful place to live for all of the animals on it." Gauteng.

The pressures that we place our dogs under in order to conform to unnatural social demands are no different from the pressures that we humans are subject to. As this humerous anecdote, which reflects modern life so accurately demonstrates:


                                  Animals and humans are naturally body-wise!

Written by Cari Corbet-Owen, Clinical psychologist and author of The Mind over Fatter Programme and

                                                                The Joy-Filled Body.



"My parents have a Maltese Poodle.  Being the ‘runt of the litter’ and a little scrap of a dog, she doesn’t need a lot of food. 

But one of the primary ways my mother shows her love - to her kids and animals alike, is through meals and feeding.  It’s considered a major rejection of her love if you don’t eat and eat well.  But Snuggy somehow doesn’t seem to have the same easily pushed ‘guilt buttons’ I had when I “didn’t do a meal justice”!  No matter how much my mother alternatively cajoles or lectures Snuggy about how:  “I’ve cooked special chicken just the way you like it!”, this little Maltese will only eat when she wants to and as much as she feels she needs.  She’s body-wise. I was too, once upon an early childhood – before my body-wise ways of eating became eroded, I ate when I was hungry and stopped when I’d had enough!

The way animals (and humans) can when their food supply is not threatened, Snuggy can leave her food for the whole day and it’s still there for her whenever she wants it.  So, periodically she’ll amble off and have as much as she wants – but inevitably it’s never quite as much as Mom would like her to have.  So Snuggy is forever being looked at disapprovingly and given little lectures about the “waste of food”.  Actually um…a very similar same flavour to the lecture I received about all “the starving children in Africa” designed of course to get me to eat more.


But here’s the interesting thing.  Initially, when Mom and Dad traveled, Snuggy went to my sister, along with a supply of her specially made food.  At first my sister used to take Snuggy off to the bathroom and put her there with her own food.  But when she’d open the door, she’d find a tail-down-forlorn looking little mutt and the food hadn’t been touched. 

So now, Snuggy gets to eat at the same time and eat the same food as the rest of the family dogs.  And here’s where her eating changes dramatically, because she now becomes insecure about having her calorie needs adequately supplied.  Snuggy suddenly transforms into this eating machine.  She cleans every last morsel and growls if any of the other dogs dare come close.  She’s learnt that if she doesn’t eat it all now – it’s not going to be there later.  My parents are always amazed to come back to a remarkably plumper little dog!  This of course is a reason for another lecture to Snuggy for ‘preferring the food in this house is better than that which Mom specially prepares!”

Just like how Snuggy’s eating changes at my sister’s home, the moment our and our dogs’ bodies have a sense that food is going to be restricted or deprived (like when we’re on  diet, or when there are famine conditions), it’s as if there is an instinctual fear that makes us want to eat as our bodies naturally ‘prepare’ for the anticipated deprivation. 

Ask me how I know… well before every ‘Monday’s diet’ – I remember spending the weekend ‘preparing’ by eating all the things that were supposedly never going to cross my lips ever again.

Animals and humans alike are born body-wise, eating when we are hungry and stopping when we’ve had enough just so long as food is readily available.  But it’s easy to forget that we no longer know how to eat in intuitively body-wise ways when our eating has been tampered with by cultural knowledge.

And I’d hazard a guess that if you’re not a body-wise eater, you most likely don’t allow your dog to be either!

According to doctors and psychologists, dieting not only makes humans fatter, and causes eating disorders, but also negatively affects relationships.


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Our Dog is a Member of our Family.

Pam Whyte.


Dog owning is a relationship. Dogs are social beings that are very closely related to the wolf and to the wild dog. They still retain their original social and survival instincts for coexisting in packs, hunting for their food and protecting their turf, families and their leader. There is a moral code that is strictly enforced and power play is expressed according to very rigid and complex rituals. They are in fact a cameo of an ideal social system.


Dogs are therefore designed to live within communities that are very similar to a human society. Indeed, all social systems function according to the same underlying universal principles, such as unity is strength, leaders lead by example, the survival of a society depends on cooperation amongst its members, and children are reared within families.


We make a very big mistake when we divorce dogs from reality and view them artificially and superficially, creating long term problems for both ourselves and our dogs. But when we go back to the dog’s original instincts – bingo, dog owning becomes a mutually enhancing experience – the way dogs within a pack are designed to enrich  one another’s lives with love, loyalty, trust, respect… Leave one of these out – and it is like leaving one ingredient out of a recipe. It will flop.


Dog owning is a unique relationship in that it exists between two different species (cano-sapiens, and homo-not-so-sapiens) – who each speak a different language. Members within a pack of wolves and dogs communicate with one another through the use of a highly developed networking system of body signals, nuances, ego jostling... Not with commands.


This doesn’t mean that dogs don’t understand words. Through living very closely with us, and having the capacity to learn through conditioning, they pick up far more words than most people give them credit for. It is when they are directed at them in a hostile (“firm”) way, that it confuses them, because a sharp, loud outburst excites dogs. But when we chat to our dog (as most dog lovers do, but few admit to – I can’t think why), they understand a great deal of what we are saying to (and about) them.  


And again, this does not mean that dogs cannot learn by conditioning! They certainly do. But limiting dog behaviour to Pavlov alone is like saying a beach is a grain of sand. Yes – there are grains of sand - but there are also waves, palm trees, sea shells, fish, yachts on the horizon, crabs on the shore, clouds in the sky…


A pack of dogs is a social system that is interconnected with the politics of leadership, the social cement of love, the protocol of respect, and the networking of non verbal communication amongst the pack, in a highly mutually synergistic manner, which has enabled them to exist through countless centuries in a kill or be killed, eat or be eaten environment, where unity and close cooperation are vital for their survival.


Alpha power is therefore won, not through dog fights, but through complex ritualistic power play and ego jostling - which is remarkably similar to that of humans. Neither is leadership won through winning wars. Dictatorship - not leadership - is won through hostility. Influence, not domination is won through power play, and influence is far more powerful than domination - which is simply a grand name that has been given to a brutal system that makes dogs cringing in fear “acceptable” and even “commendable”


So when we try and impose our own human logic onto our dogs, we jam up their finely tuned instincts and stifle their true personalities – and label the consequences: naughty, disobedient, stubborn, etc. which are, in reality, merely a result of a one sided relationship in the culture clash of domestication. So what is the solution?


Simple. All healthy relationships are built around meeting one another half way. Dogs are not the only aliens that we find ourselves having to live with. We also coexist with other aliens - toddlers, teenagers, the opposite sex, other cultures, cats, a parrot or two… none of whom are on the identical wave length as ours. How then, do we meet our dog half way?


On our side - we


  • learn their language;
  • meet their needs; and
  • apply (essential and all too rare) empathy


in order to assist them to adjust to domestication and our life style and develop their full character potential.


And on their side, they


  • live by our ground rules,
  • protect us (or at least show loyalty),
  • respect our possessions and visitors, etc., (etc.)  


then dog owning cannot be more mutually enriching! Sound easy? You know why? Because it is. It is man who complicates things! Nature is always simple. And this is an ideal that every dog owner can achieve!


The thrilling and empowering connection that this mind shift gives us adds an extra dimension to the very special relationship that we have with our four legged family members – plus giving us more control over them. It enables us to enrich and to enhance one another’s lives. Most of us own dogs to be our friends, companions – and children. Yes, many families that even have six (or more) children - their dog is still their child to them. (So they tell me.) And if you treat your dog like a child - because he is designed to live within a family – not in the army or in a laboratory – he is equipped to simply slot into a two legged family. All we have to do is make dogsense (not nonsense) to them!


But remember, dogs are not babies! Babies are helpless, children aren’t. And there is NOTHING helpless about a dog! Not even about a puppy! Only about a person who gives their dogs the advantage of thinking they are babies. (They did a Leadership Course in their litter.)


So here we have a dog that is designed to live within a family, to abide by a strict moral code, under the direction of a loved and trusted leader; and to communicate with the other pack members with their highly developed communication system; who are made for loyalty, devotion, compassion, caring, love… and it is our identification with these parallels within our own social system (albeit subconscious – on our part, anyway) that draws us to one another. We don’t feel quite the same way about rabbits.


Now once we have achieved this healthy relationship with our dogs, through achieving a 50/50 relationship, then there will be no more raised voices, chewed objects, water pistols, messing inside, pulling on the lead, jerking choker chains, dominating, barking for nothing, jumping on visitors. Just Nature’s ideal of a loving, mutually cooperative and loyal social system.  Which is what we got our dogs for! And which is what they are made for - because dogs are born with a desire to please the Captain of their team. We just need the key to unlock this potential. And that key is – the Law of the Jungle. So instead of consulting the army (which is known for its aggression and brutality) or the laboratory (which is known for it’s insensitivity) – let’s go to Mother Nature (who wrote the original instruction book – within the dogs’ DNA.) So you see it work right in front of your eyes. Not unlike speaking Chinese to a Chinese person.


Relationships (in both the green and the concrete jungle) are not built around who dominates and who submits. They are built around trust, communication and cooperation. However, there are 7 vital steps we have to take in order to achieve this goal. Once we have taken these steps in our relationship with our dog – he will have the security of having his needs met and of being understood, and we will have the control that we are looking for over our dog, and the enrichment that they are able to bring into our lives, which will then be our legacy.


Because our dogs are our children!



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