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Featured Book -
The Star: "In this
fascinating, humorous
and beneficial book
Pam Whyte lets us
into the secrets of
the dog, and teaches
us how to..."

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Believing is Seeing !
Dog psychologist, Pam Whyte has made 3 dog training home movies. They teach owners of puppies as well as grown dogs vital dog training skills which no other approach to dog training            
teaches. In the highly                               informative and riveting                              scenes, you even see...

PUPPY Training and Socialising

Get your own e-book on how to bring up a trustworthy family pet! Click here for more...


   Children also need dog handling
     skills! ChildsPlay DogTraining
               shows them how...


"Dog Language not Greek
to this Dog Whisperer."
In a recent news item,
Dog Whisperer,
Pam Whyte tells us
about some of her
big successes,
and what it takes
to understand dogs...


"At Wit's End with
Vicious Dogs."
News item of Pam
Whyte curing very

dangerous Pit Bulls of


Pam whyte trains dogs in their own homes, in all four corners of the world.  Pam Whyte is unique in that she does not use choker chains, commands, domination, force, clickers, or treats.

Cape Town, Johannesburg, Somerset West, Pretoria, London, California, Australia, New Zealand, George, Durban, Colorado, Ireland, Wales, Strand, Durbanville, Gauteng, Natal, Gordons Bay, Stellenbosch, Canada, Western Cape, Namibia, Randburg, USA, UK, Camps Bay, Helderberg, Roodeport, East Rand, Brackenfell. Helderberg, Sea Point, Hermanus, UK Centurion, North Riding, Knysna, Kommetjie Saldanha Port Elizabeth, Grahamstown, Free State, West Rand, Limpopo, Tableview, Botswana, Cape Town Bloemfontein, Australia, India


Dog Training in your own home:

Does your dog Bite, Bark, Dig, Disobey, Chew, Chase, Fight or Freak you Out!

         Around the corner... Around the world!  

1) Locally: Natural Dog Trainer, Pam Whyte comes to your home and gives you a tailor-made dog training programme worked out for your family dog's own individual needs.

2) Globally:  Pam's Natural Dog Training Home Kits work just as well!  

       Pam Whyte practises as a pet psychologist, natural dog trainer and puppy trainer, curing barking, digging, chewing, fighting, hyperactivness, and all behaviour problems.

"Pam Whyte's formidable knowledge of dog behaviour is evident." Argus.

"Once Pam Whyte has shown you how to understand your dog, your enjoyment of him will increase, and your relationship with him will be enriched." The Star.

Pam's Natural Dog Training methods are not a new fad or a passing gimmick. Pam has been using Natural Dog Training on both grown dogs and puppies extremely successfully for 4 decades in many countries extremely successfully. In fact, dogs have been using these natural communication techniques for countless thousands of years. Also very s+'uccessfully. Natural Dog Training is older than history, yet newer than tomorrow. It works so well that you see major results in the first session!

The whole family is taught how to control their dog - the children, domestic staff, grandparents... it also includes training for all the family's pets if needed - even the parrot - without any extra charge; lead work; obedience; protection; socialising your dog or puppy; curing all canine behaviour problems, saving time, energy, money and more...

Teaching your pets good manners simply slots into your family's lifestyle - not the other way around.

1) Locally:

What dog owners are saying about Pam's Natural Dog Training home visits:

"My husband was very sceptical. Now he's telling everyone about Pam Whyte's Natural Dog Training!"
"Such a simple formula. And to think so few people know it..."
"This is bloody nice." (Ahem..)
"You sorted out my Bulldog - Peggyjoe about 10 years ago we lived on the Sandton Fire Station. [She was the Station's mascot.] I am still astounded at how easy Natural Dog Training is and the positive way it impacts on pet dogs".
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To learn more about Natural Dog Trainer, and Dog Whisperer, Pam Whyte's methods click here...

Featured Testimonial - email to Natural Dog Trainer, Pam Whyte:

"I thought you'd like to hear that Spike our pet Staffie who you so successfully rehabilitated with Natural Dog Training is still going strong at 14 yrs old. He never gave us a moment's trouble after you sorted him out that day you spent with us. This is just to let you know that I am so grateful to you for saving our pet's life ... Yours, Jill."


(if you have trouble viewing the videos, right-click and click save target/link as to download it)


          Pam Whyte's Natural Dog Training Home-Kit:

(Pet psychologist.)

2) Globally:

The wonderful news is - you do not need Pam to be personally present to train your dog the Natural Way! Her Natural Dog Training Home Kit will do it for you!


What dog owners around the world are saying about Pam Whyte's Natural Dog Training Home Kits after learning to communicate correctly with their dogs:

"My wife & I have already commenced your program & the results are showing within one day - thank you for your years of experience & expertise."

"We achieved my goal of a fight-free weekend; in fact the two fighting dogs were actually sleeping quite happily in the same dog bed this morning!"

"10 Years back you helped solve my pet Bull Terriers tail chasing - I'm glad to share with you he died of old age a few months back as opposed to the vet's recommendation of having him put down."

                          The Intelligent Alternative - Nature Knows Best!

Click here to see how well Pam Whyte's Natural Dog Training Home Kits work..


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