The currently overlooked solution to over 90% of all behaviour problems in the pet dog; which is the foundation of all harmonious co-existence –













This information is extremely important. It is the foundation to everything else you are going to learn, to your relationship with your dog, and indeed, like with us - the foundation to his very life.






















New Research Findings by the International Institute of Canine Mental Health.







We are taught that our Best Friends are no more than mere specimens that must be kept a predetermined shape.
That does not apply to you, you may think. But read on and not only shed the shackles of guilt and misinformation that are creeping into the lives of caring dog owners .... but save yourself a lot of money, time and energy - and your dog a lot of suffering (that you will not be aware of until you have read this).
It is the dog experts who dictate our current mindsets that we have toward dogs, and therefore both the way they behave, and their quality of living.
The most prominent of these are the experts who teach dog owners to develop their pet dogs' full physical (and therefore predatory) potential - rather than their full character (and therefore relationship) - potential.  This they do by subtly (and sometimes not so subtly) abusing their professional standing by making us believe that a dog that is contented is actually suffering. This is not difficult because:
There is a lot of money to be made from stressed dogs through treating the symptoms of stress-related behavioural disorders - as you will see as you read on;
Dogs cannot tell us when they are not coping; except by “being naughty”;


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