...and here are some more happy owners with happy dogs - once again - straight from

the heart:

"Your leads are awesome." U.S.A.


"I can see such a huge difference in my dogs; they are behaving so well! Tell Pam that I am extremely happy about the advice she had given me!" Canada


"We have noticed dramatic changes (positive)!" Australia                       


"Once again, thank you for the eye opener and support!!" RSA


"Hi Pam, Just to let you know that I tried your method . You, of course, were absolutely spot on". UK

"...my goodness I never would have thought such a simple thing would make such a difference..and I also would never have thought of doing it...thank you very much..I love your book..and reading it intensely..." U.S.A.

"I am gobsmacked at how amazingly well this works!  For the first time ever, Emily, my 14-month-old choccie labrador, didn't try and jump onto my lap in the car!  She just walked around calmly - well they all did - and then walked down the drive with me." UK


"Thank you so much for your answer to our question on how to help [our dog's fear of thunder]. We had a terrible wind storm last night and tried your advise and it is actually amazing! Instead of hiding in the cupboards, she soon stopped panting, and just went and got into her (own) bed. Thank you so much." RSA

"My friend has been wonderful giving me some suggestions from your book to build his confidence back up.....and it seems he's improving daily!" USA

"I have noticed some changes in the puppies' attitude - not jumping up on me with as much energy as before when I get home from work. They are really enjoying their evening sniffles and have started to leave messages of their own for the neighbouring dogs. Definitely getting calmer and "nicer". No accidents during dinner last night." RSA.

"I would love to discuss the idea of you 'training' us to 'speak dog'... Anastasia (my wife) and I are so impressed with what we have read so far, and what we have been able to see in action with our own puppy, that we could not possibly subject our gorgeous puppy to the conventional dog system... RSA

"You and the people that work with you are a real gift from God! My ideas of pets were all twisted by all the experts, but you have rescued my family (all four of us) from a very sad ending. I am strong and focussed on following the complete programme. USA

"I admire your work and I am so glad there are people like you to help the animals. I have always wanted to do something similar and maybe with all the knowledge I get from this I can help friends and family with keeping their pets happy." RSA .


"Thank you again for teaching me Doglish.  I am enormously grateful." USA

"The look of surprise on the dogs face [when they realised their game was us] was a picture. It is working a treat." Canada

" I'm busy reading your book and find it very interesting. All of a sudden, you just seem to understand why your dog behaves in the way she/he does." - UK

"Half an hour after looking at The Dogs Must be Crazy, we could already see a change in our Jack Russels." RSA

"We had family here all Easter week-end and I was afraid I'd lose the progress I had made..but much to my > surprise..we all saw better behavior..we're not fully there..but my we've made progress your advice on how to put the lead on the dog is truly heavensent information. Oh my I wait every night for reading time to come..I'm so enjoying your teaching.. USA

"Thanks, Pam. You're an angel in disguise." Wales.


"Your videos are awesome." USA


"Just a note to let you know, that the dogs no longer jump all over my children, which is wonderful. RSA.


"I have noticed some changes in the puppies' attitude - not jumping up on me wih as much energy as before when I get home from work. Definitely getting calmer and "nicer" RSA


"Thankyou so much for your support!" RSA


"Thanks once again for all your assistance for my wife and our family. We really appreciate it. I shall begin lobbying the Pope for your canonization as the saint of beleaguered dog owners and misunderstood dogs. You really are a Godsend." RSA

                                           You won't find this informaion anywhere else.


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