Other Comments About Pam's Groundbreaking Work


•  London Times: "This book (Pam's first book, Who Wants a Dog!) makes a much needed new approach to dog handling."

•  Professor of Animal Behaviour: "I am of the opinion that Pam is a good observer and interpreter of the contact between man and dog. She is more than able to think for herself and I see this (her paper on dog communication) as a valuable contribution in this field of study. We need more people like her who are not afraid to make public their own honest observations."

•  Vet from Animal Protection Institute, USA : "Pam Whyte's research into pet behaviour is the only one that is empirical."

•  Professor of Animal Behaviour, SA:  "Pam is providing the public with a very valuable service."

•  Professor of Animal Behaviour USA : "Pam's work is of a pioneering nature."

•  Animal Welfare Society Vet , USA : - Pam's work is very, very important

•  Managing Director of Alpha Publications, UK : "The difference between Pam and other dog experts is - Pam delivers."

•  Dog Trainer from Israel : "I have what the people think they need.  Pam has what they need.

•  Dog handler from Eastern Europe :  What I like about Pam's approach is that she sees dogs as thinking, sentient beings - not just animals to be ordered around."

•  Wellknown comedian, enjoying his dog's reactions to "having their cover blown": "I've never laughed so much!"

•  Vet , USA : - "Pam should be cloned and put on every corner in America !

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