Common Dog Problems

Running Off With Things

Whether the thieving is done in front of you, almost as a challenge to your authority, or whether items are sneaked away while your back is turned, and only discovered later, it is completely curable.

It is frustrating when our pet dog runs off with our shoes as soon as we take them off, or with children's' toys when they are left on the floor. We cannot run our life around our dog, scolding our children whenever they don't keep their toys out of the reach of the family pet. It is up to the dog to fit in with us, not vice versa.

Natural Dog Training will explain why a dog plays these games with his family, and give you the tools to convert him into the trustworthy and social pet that deserves to be called "Man's Best Friend" - without trauma to either you or your dog. Once you have the correct tools, (which do not involve "showing him what he has done", punishing him, scolding him, water pistols, or cans filled with stones) it is very simple. He does it because it works for him.

Natural Dog Training shows you how to make it no longer work for him, so he will automatically and willingly stop doing it. Sound too simple? The truth always is! It is man that complicates things. It’s good marketing.

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